• Boys Bedroom with Jungle Leaf Wallpaper

Indoor Weeping Fig Tree To Brighten Your Space

Everytime I welcome a new plant into our home, I make sure I research how to look after it, what it likes, what it doesn’t, does it like full sun, will it tolerate shade and what I should feed it? seems like a lot of work doesn’t it? A previous post on the plants in my home… Air Purifying Plants, will explain why Im introducing so much greenery into the house.

How To Paint Fabric With Acrylic Paint

If you’ve ever used Acrylic Paint on fabric then you’ll be aware of how well it adheres to it, but you’ll also be aware of how it can easily turn the fabric into cardboard!But thankfully there is a way around it

Introducing Oh Homely Girl

If your reading this then you may have noticed some changes ↑ ↑ For some time I have wanted to Change the name of my blog, Home With The Haworths was a name I picked a couple of years ago when I first started my Instagram Account, it was rushed and a kinda..yeah that will do! My Instagram became quite popular and I started getting asked questions about my projects/interior etc. So starting a blog became the next obvious step and taking Home with the Haworths with me to match the Instagram made a lot of sense. Now a wiser person would of renamed their IG and picked the ideal blog name right from the beginning. The only problem was, I couldnt come up with anything I liked, and until I did, I decided to just stick with what I knew.

Scandinavian Art with Desenio

My love affair with Desenio whos focus is specifically on Scandinavian Design started a few months ago and I have become quite addicted to their prints, from the simplistic to the crazy colourful, they cater to every need, I thought Id do a little art tour of the house and show you how Desenio has cheered up my ever evolving home. I’ll Start with my daughters room, we went very cutesy in here, baby animals and a word of warning poster,Yes.. growing up really is a trap!

Boys Bedroom with Jungle Leaf Wallpaper

It was time for a change in my little boys bedroom, not because I love decorating and insist on reinventing rooms over and over again( I am that person)but nooo, it was in fact because my littlest minion had decided to poke a colouring pencil through the wallpaper, not once but several times and pretty much ruined the effect of the birch trees which by the time he’d finished, looked like they had a serious case of woodworm. Heres the room before

How To Remove Ink Stains From Fabric

This is my corner sofa, so fresh, so clean. Enter Husband…ill start with a little back story, so he comes in from work and goes straight to the kitchen sink and starts scrubbing his hands, whats all that on your hand I ask? “Its ink, my bloody pen leaked in my pants pocket, its got everywhere” he replied. Now PAUSE, most people would go ahead and get changed at this point, but no, not my guy. I was so busy rushing around after the kids that I hadnt noticed, that he had sat down on the sofa, shortly after went to the bathroom, then up to the bedroom and then finally to the kitchen, now I dont know this because I followed him around the house like a love sick puppy, no no no, I know this because he left his mark in each and every room, a large dark blue mark to be acurate. Arghh…. Calm down. I began to do a little chant in my head, I love him, I love him, I love him, this repetition was a distraction from the actual thought that was running through my head, you can probably imagine what that was.

Easy DIY Fruit Crate


Super Easy Ikea Hack Fruit Crate, the ‘fruit’ writing was smudged by my over eager toddler who couldnt wait to pinch a plum and then run off..I came upon this idea when I was looking for one of those hooks you hang bananas on, why do you hang bananas up? Because they ripen better and last longer, but all I could find were those wire basket things with a sweeping arm and hook on the end, not really my cup of tea and honestly you can only fit one small bunch of bananas on at a time, so I had this crate which I bought from Ikea its called SKOGSTA

Victorian Style Bathroom Update

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Im never as  happy as when I have a paint brush in my hand, dont bring me Jewellery bring me paint and we’ll be friends forever! It wasnt too long ago that my bathroom had been completely renovated but as is my character I bore of my surroundings quite often..much to my husbands despair. I decided to introduce some, ok a lot of grey into the bathroom, my Washstand, Fireplace, cupboards and doorway were given a makeover with Winter Grey by Rust-oleum, it immediatley brightened up the room and gave the whole space a new, fresh feel.

Teenage boys bedroom

Ah the horror that is a teenage boys room, babies, pre schoolers little girls who love princesses, little boys who love dinosaurs are all relatively easy to decorate for. Teenage boys… not so much! They want Rappers pinned to their walls, movie posters, or some god awful mad graffiti that hurts your eyes!! But no matter how much he begged for biggie smalls or 2 pac , I convinced him that im sure we could come up with something that wouldnt de-value my home ;0) and something I know he could be proud of.