Upcycling with Sharpie Pens

  So I was looking at the numerous plant pots in my home and thinking of ways that I could fancy them up a bit, I wanted to jazz them up by adding some pops of colour and for the hell of it popping a face on a couple of them ;o) It would be quite costly to go out and buy several pots of paint, not to mention time consuming(drying time etc)

I happened to have a full set of sharpie pens, their permanent, every colour of the rainbow and the ink drys almost instantly, it was actually lots of fun..who dosnt love colouring in, I know I never grew out of it.

  Im no Picasso! But I think it adds a little something to what otherwise was just a standard plain pot, sharpies are really inexpensive and can be used on most surfaces, including furniture and fabric. Upcycling with Sharpie pens is a new one on me, but one that ill definately be repeating in the future

Kelly ♥


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