Bathroom Before and After

I was so excited to finally get stuck in to the bathroom renovation, like always I had my little pad full of ideas on what we wanted versus what we could afford.Our budget was only £1300 and I was determined to get my dream bathroom out of it.

This is how our bathroom looked originally, not very inspiring is it? Those blue floor tiles were an absolute health and safety nightmare! The smallest spot of water on the floor and you would literally take flight, I could not wait to rip them up

Time to shop

I tell you I had no idea how pricey freestanding baths could be, the one we wanted was around £800 and this was before you added taps and waste and other stuff which I know nothing about. So that was out, back on the search, we found our new bath for £289 which we bought from and I love it just as much as the £800 one.


I had my heart set on a double sink unit and wow, again out of budget! So I started looking for an old sideboard that I could repurpose as a sink unit, it didn’t take long we found one on ebay ,check out Upcycled Washstand for how we did it.

How the wash stand originally looked

After, The ceramic sinks on top were also bought from ebay for £40 each including taps.

Good old ebay came to the rescue again and I paid £50 for the pine fireplace below,the fireplace was a really fun project for me. After painting it, we went looking for the perfect tiles and we couldnt find any I liked.
What I really wanted was Rose and Bee Emma Bridgewater tiles…the problem is they dont exist!
So I decided to make my own, it only cost £17.08 to make them( I know thats very accurate but every penny counts) I made 42 tiles in total. Click here for how I did it.


I went with an off white stone effect floor tile , these were from b&q and can you believe to do the whole floor only cost £92!


I really liked the idea of a candelabra above the sink unit, but I couldn’t find one I liked within my budget, so we had a search on Amazon and came across this pretty white chandelier for only £40.00, I took the electric wiring out of it, popped candles in and its my new candelabra.

This was an old mahogany stained table with no handles when I got it, so it got a makeover and for only £20.00 i’m made up with it.


When it was all added up the bath,fireplace, wash stand, plastering, tiles, paint, grout, door handles and pretty touches it all cost £1246!

The bathroom was officially finished on our wedding anniversary so the left over money went on champagne :o)

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