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You may have noticed recently, especially if your following me on Instagram, that ive been filling my home with quite a lot of House Plants, all shapes and sizes and all different types of breeds, cacti, Aloe, name it. They are no doubt beautiful but that wasnt the only reason I bought them, I decided to conduct an experiment,  I have Asthma and its been with me since I was a child, over the years it was mainly seasonal and it would generally only flair up during winter. However after the birth of my son 3 years ago it started to affect my daily life, if you are reading this and have Asthma then you will know what I mean when I say it can be quite restrictive, I don’t go anywhere without my inhaler, I have to use it everyday, my Asthma can even flair up while im sleeping, which trust me can be quite scary. So my big question is Can House Plants Help with Asthma??

I got really fed up with my condition and started researching ways to help me manage it better, so a few things popped up, dont smoke…obviously, lose weight…doing that! light exercise can help…yep, love to walk and ride my bike, buy an air purifier..ummm, that could work, but I thought, why don’t I try and clean the air around me in a more Natural way. Studys have shown that indoor air is 2-5 more times polluted than the outdoors, in the western world we can spend up to 90% of our time in our homes.

I knew that certain plants were good with purifying air and others not so much, so here’s what I found out  and continued to buy them by the truck load


Great for tackling pollution, very strong in eliminating bacteria. Cacti absorbs carbon monoxide at night in order to release oxygen, putting cactus in the bedroom can help with sleeping as it supplements oxygen.Which is obviously great news for me!


‘An air cleaning expert’ One pot of Aloe is equivalent to biological air cleaners!! It absorbs formaldehyde, Carbon dioxide and Carbon monoxide.Keeps your home free from Benzine(commonly found in paint)Im an upcycler so thats very reassuring. It also has a natural way of warning you when toxins in the air have exceeded an unhealthy amount ,it develops spots on its leaves, a way of signalling for help.


A very beautiful Air purifier, effective in removing formaldehyde


Acts as a humidifier can help to remove traces of formaldehyde from the Air, Improves air quality greatly.

A R E C A  P A L M

This plant was ranked top by a NASA study by being the most efficient at removing harmful chemical toxins from the air..a must have

D R A G O N  T R E E (Dracaena)

Gets to work as soon as you put it in the room, a very efficient Air purifier which clears out all the nasties! (benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene)


A popular houseplant that is also very effective at purifying the air in your home. According to NASA’s Clean Air Study, Ficus was effective at cleansing airborne formaldehyde, xylene and toluene.


Other excellent air cleaners are Spider Plants, Rubber plants, English Ivy, Snake Plants, Peace Lillys

So did my little experiment work, did the addition of air purifying plants in my home help with my asthma?

Actually…yes! In the several weeks ive lived with them, ive not once woke up in the night to reach for my inhaler and I feel like im not getting out of breath/wheezing as much while im rushing round the house after the kids, im not kidding myself, these plants wont cure my Asthma or make me throw out my inhaler, however they definately have improved my day to day life and the air that surrounds me. I have quite a lot of plants in the house, especially in the bedroom which I feel is where my Asthma flairs up the most during the night, I dont know if its the amount I have or the quality and types that I have, but I do know its working, the science of it all is something I dont really understand, how plants can clean and take toxins out of the air is a natural kind of magic, but it seems we have an understanding..I look after them and they look after me ♥

Kelly x

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