Creating an Alcove Office


I would love to have my own room for a desk, somewhere I can escape and blog to my hearts content, however I am morphing slowly into the old women who lived in a shoe,had so many children, well you know the rest! So I commandeered an alcove, its now my alcove and I get to make this 2 sq metre vast space into something pretty and functional. Where to start…well the basics first, Desk, Chair and Shelves.

When it came to the desk I wanted something classic but unique…go ahead and type that into google and you’ll get a whole lot of beautiful desks but at a pretty hefty price. Now I have often thought that Id like to invest in a piece of classic furniture that will last forever, however I learned a long time ago that I cant be precious about the things in my home, with 4 kiddies there will be spills,there will be felt tip on newly painted walls,there will be scratches, there will be dribble,there will be tyre tracks on new carpet, there will be a river of milk and orange juice in the boys bedroom after one of them emptied the contents of 4 cartons all over the floor and splashed it everywhere while everyone was still in bed…ah the great Milk and Juice fiasco of 2013…good times!  So I have adopted the approach that if its not wipeable, paintable or replaceable then its really not gonna survive the Haworths!

So onto the desk.. enter Ebay. I got this little beauty for £25.00 heres the before Pic


It was a dark Oak colour and had a leather top, I removed the leather, removed the handles, I painted it white and gave it spanking new gold cup handles and in place of the leather I used pretty wipeable vinyl adhesive backed paper. The Retro Eiffel pastel blue chair was from ebay, the shade of blue is gorgeous and it works perfectly with this space.


For the shelves it was good old Ikea and at only £10.00 each you cant grumble.



Ok so now the other stuff, the pretties, the little details that show your personality, the stuff that makes your space personal to you.

The magazine files, storage box, picture frames and plant pots were from Ikea. The Skeleton clock which I just love was from Ebay , the Retro Style lamp was also from ebay, the Zig Zag notebooks were from Home bargains and my polkadot sewing machine was from John Lewis all the other little pieces are things I already had.

The prints in the frames are from Freddie The kid, the pale pink and gold just make them pop and even my husband likes them….he’s definately coming round to my way of thinking!

Drum roll…the full cost to transform my little nook was £160 which Im pretty happy about and so is the hubby!




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