Loft Bedroom Update with Graham & Brown Geometric Wallpaper

Here is a sneak peek at what ive been upto, I absolutely fell in love with this gold geometric wallpaper by Graham and Brown which I bought from  Next, I dont generally do wallpaper because my home is constantly evolving and stripping paper of walls is such a hassle, however I had to buy it, the design is so eye catching and the gold lines have a slight sheen to them so when daylight floods the room the paper really comes alive..truly beautiful!

Though the design looks a little complicated, I really didn’t have any trouble hanging it, the paper is good quality and it only took 1 1/2 rolls to cover the entire wall, I think that £19.00 a roll is actually pretty reasonable too, especially when you look at the prices of similar designs that are selling for 3 time that price.

Im umming and ahhing about hanging a large mirror on this wall, practically I need one, but I also love how  undisturbed the geometric shapes look…. i’ll think on it. So thats stage 2 complete, next up is picture ledges, Art and more soft furnishing, like I need more cushions and blankets!

See you soon

Kelly x


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