Boys Bedroom with Jungle Leaf Wallpaper

It was time for a change in my little boys bedroom, not because I love decorating and insist on reinventing rooms over and over again( I am that person)but nooo, it was in fact because my littlest minion had decided to poke a colouring pencil through the wallpaper, not once but several times and pretty much ruined the effect of the birch trees which by the time he’d finished, looked like they had a serious case of woodworm. Heres the room before

I really did love those trees, So why on earth would you put more wallpaper up and risk the same happening again? Well for 1. I live in hope that my children will one day cease destroying my home and realise that mummy and daddy work hard to give them somewhere nice to live 2. I love love love the paper and 3. Its my house and Ill wallpaper if I want too ;o))) The inspiration for this room came from me stumbling on a gorgeous wallpaper by Versace, a stunning leaf print, which retails at £60.00 a roll, here it is

Hmmm £60.00 a roll..nope! £60.00 is I suppose quite reasonable for a designer brand compared to others, but as beautiful as it is, paying that much for wallpaper that is destined for a childrens room just isnt happening, ive never been one for buying something simply because it had a designer stamp on it anyway, ive never owned anything by Versace dahhhlingg so why start now, im a northerner and a northener knows how to find a bargain!! Which is exactly what I did

This just as beautiful and much kinder on the bank balance was my alternative. Just £19.00 a roll from lancashire Wallpaper and you know what, If my kids decide to unleash their fury on it, believe me I wont ball my freakin eyes out!! If im going to be out of pocket, then Id rather lose £60 than £ brainer. I find sometimes that people are lured by the price tag, oooh thats expensive it must be better, but lets see, will Versace wallpaper repel ink? will it not rip? does it have a magical designer force field that will prevent a little person from running their tonka cars up it…hell no! If you fall in love with something that you know is far beyond your budget, believe me there is always an alternative.

With the wallpaper sorted, I got to thinking about bed linen, throws and cushions…oh my! I just love to accesorise♥  I wanted crisp white sheets, mustard yellow throws, bright exotic cushions and a black and white rug to finish off.

The Toucan cushion covers and stripe rug were from ebay and the mustard yellow throws were from Tesco.The white cotton duvet covers were from Argos

I really love the ombre effect on the throws, the curtains which I got for the amazing price of £22.99 in the sale were from Argos  they really compliment the room.

The boys room is very small, toys are kept in storage crates under the bed and clothes in a chest of drawers at the end of the room

The boys love their new room and it just goes to show that even the smallest of rooms can still be turned into something unique, functional and cosy






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