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Indoor Weeping Fig Tree To Brighten Your Space

Everytime I welcome a new plant into our home, I make sure I research how to look after it, what it likes, what it doesn’t, does it like full sun, will it tolerate shade and what I should feed it? seems like a lot of work doesn’t it? A previous post on the plants in my home… Air Purifying Plants, will explain why Im introducing so much greenery into the house.

Introducing Oh Homely Girl

If your reading this then you may have noticed some changes ↑ ↑ For some time I have wanted to Change the name of my blog, Home With The Haworths was a name I picked a couple of years ago when I first started my Instagram Account, it was rushed and a kinda..yeah that will do! My Instagram became quite popular and I started getting asked questions about my projects/interior etc. So starting a blog became the next obvious step and taking Home with the Haworths with me to match the Instagram made a lot of sense. Now a wiser person would of renamed their IG and picked the ideal blog name right from the beginning. The only problem was, I couldnt come up with anything I liked, and until I did, I decided to just stick with what I knew.

Scandinavian Art with Desenio

My love affair with Desenio whos focus is specifically on Scandinavian Design started a few months ago and I have become quite addicted to their prints, from the simplistic to the crazy colourful, they cater to every need, I thought Id do a little art tour of the house and show you how Desenio has cheered up my ever evolving home. I’ll Start with my daughters room, we went very cutesy in here, baby animals and a word of warning poster,Yes.. growing up really is a trap!

Boys Bedroom with Jungle Leaf Wallpaper

It was time for a change in my little boys bedroom, not because I love decorating and insist on reinventing rooms over and over again( I am that person)but nooo, it was in fact because my littlest minion had decided to poke a colouring pencil through the wallpaper, not once but several times and pretty much ruined the effect of the birch trees which by the time he’d finished, looked like they had a serious case of woodworm. Heres the room before

Victorian Style Bathroom Update

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Im never as  happy as when I have a paint brush in my hand, dont bring me Jewellery bring me paint and we’ll be friends forever! It wasnt too long ago that my bathroom had been completely renovated but as is my character I bore of my surroundings quite often..much to my husbands despair. I decided to introduce some, ok a lot of grey into the bathroom, my Washstand, Fireplace, cupboards and doorway were given a makeover with Winter Grey by Rust-oleum, it immediatley brightened up the room and gave the whole space a new, fresh feel.

Teenage boys bedroom

Ah the horror that is a teenage boys room, babies, pre schoolers little girls who love princesses, little boys who love dinosaurs are all relatively easy to decorate for. Teenage boys… not so much! They want Rappers pinned to their walls, movie posters, or some god awful mad graffiti that hurts your eyes!! But no matter how much he begged for biggie smalls or 2 pac , I convinced him that im sure we could come up with something that wouldnt de-value my home ;0) and something I know he could be proud of.

Becoming Mortgage Free

The hubby and I have made a decision to address a problem that im sure most people have, the mortgage! I can remember the day my letter came through from the bank declaring “Congratulations you’ve been approved” I was so so excited about owning my own home, In my head I had decorated and furnished the place long before the keys were in my hand, the day I collected my keys I had actual butterflies in my tummy, my god, we were going to move into our very own house, no landlord saying…No dogs, No decorating, I absolutely will turn up and spot check the house without any prior notice, No putting nails in the wall, oh and if any problem occurs with damp, leaks and lack of heating…then I will take my own sweet a** time in getting it fixed!!

Ikea Ektorp Sofa Makeover with Comfort Works

Ive got a pink sofa!!! Well, it was only a matter of time wasnt it? and the great thing is, this isnt even a new sofa, its my old Ikea Ektorp given a fabulous velvet pink makeover, I was contacted by the lovely people over at Comfort Works to style their Pale Pink Velvet sofa cover, ermmm the words, Pink & Sofa in the same sentence?..hell yes! I may have spent way more time than I ought too just running my hands over the fabric, its so luxurious and soft and I couldnt wait to snuggle up on it. I had 2 options regarding fit, I could go with Skirted like my old sofa cover or the Snug fit, I went with Snug to show off the the shape of the sofa and give it a more modern look.

Air Purifying Plants

You may have noticed recently, especially if your following me on Instagram, that ive been filling my home with quite a lot of House Plants, all shapes and sizes and all different types of breeds, cacti, Aloe, name it. They are no doubt beautiful but that wasnt the only reason I bought them, I decided to conduct an experiment,  I have Asthma and its been with me since I was a child, over the years it was mainly seasonal and it would generally only flair up during winter. However after the birth of my son 3 years ago it started to affect my daily life, if you are reading this and have Asthma then you will know what I mean when I say it can be quite restrictive, I don’t go anywhere without my inhaler, I have to use it everyday, my Asthma can even flair up while im sleeping, which trust me can be quite scary. So my big question is Can House Plants Help with Asthma??

Apartment Therapy Feature

Yes! Apartment Therapy, my Interior Bible, my go to site that ive been reading for years has featured my home this month and im ridiculously happy about it. Im sure this was evident by the jumping around I was doing when the email landed on my phone, I spilled hot tea down my top…but was totally worth it! Check out the write up here

Kelly x

My VQ MK II Emma Bridgewater Radio £50 off Promotion

Hands up, who’s excited for the Chelsea Flower Show! I watch it every year and I get so inspired by all the garden designs, I love gardening, I love getting my hands dirty and I love all the sounds that being in the garden brings too, the birds, bees, the occasional lawn mower in the garden of a house a few streets away, kids playing in paddling pools..the ice cream van! And not forgetting music

How Do You Keep Your House Clean With Kids ?

On Instagram I get asked this question a lot “how do you keep your house so clean with kids” The answer is..wet wipes, a bucket of white paint and a prayer. Now to give you an idea of what im faced with daily im gonna work with percentages 85% of the time my kids are amazing, well mannered, well behaved children, 15% of the time they are just plain Wild and im not even exaggerating

My Girls Bedroom Makeover

After my daughter saw the new wallpaper in Mummy and Daddys room she quickly decided that she would like some gold in her bedroom too and that it should be Polkadots! So yet again im breaking my no wallpaper rule, I had a search and found this fab Gold Polkadot design made by Graham and Brown, my daughter loves it and so do I. You can purchase it from Debenhams, much like the Geometric wallpaper in my bedroom it has a lovely sheen to it and kinda sparkles when the sunlight hits it. After I put the wallpaper up, I thought why stop there! So I sat down with Belle and asked her what art she would like in her room, she answered Baby Animals…We went online to one of my favourite websites Desenio and Picked out the cutest baby animals we could find and this is what we come up with.

Loft Bedroom Update with Graham & Brown Geometric Wallpaper

Here is a sneak peek at what ive been upto, I absolutely fell in love with this gold geometric wallpaper by Graham and Brown which I bought from  Next, I dont generally do wallpaper because my home is constantly evolving and stripping paper of walls is such a hassle, however I had to buy it, the design is so eye catching and the gold lines have a slight sheen to them so when daylight floods the room the paper really comes alive..truly beautiful!

Styling A Gallery Wall


I dont think there’s a wrong way to do a gallery wall, its pretty much just a collection of what you love placed together to create a feature, the wackier the better in my eyes, I wanted pops of colour and most of all fun, if a flamingo a pineapple, and a toucan hanging out together isn’t fun then I dont know what is…? Gallery walls don’t have to be restricted to just pictures, you can add far more interest by adding ornaments, plants, books, sculptures whatever, by putting up some ledges or shelves amongst your pictures you add depth and interest and it automatically draws the eye.

Living Room Makeover

So ive been busy! My husband finally cracked and let me into ‘his room’ and to top it off he let me make all the decisions, its been fun! This room used to have a big bulky brown leather sofa in it which i disliked immensely, however my hubby said it was comfy so for a while it became untouchable.

PIXERSIZE Boys Room Makeover


So here it is, my boys bedroom makeover, the boys are age 6 and 2, so creating a space that wasn’t too baby themed and at the same time not to grown up was a little tricky and took a little more planning in order to please both boys, I wanted the room to have a Scandinavian feel, I went with a base of white with pops of grey but the room needed a wow feature, my wow came in the form of birch trees which was provided by PIXERSIZE.

The Curious Department

whitespiro3The life of a Butterfly is sadly a short one and though in life they grace us with their presence for only a short while The Curious Department, an Independent Interiors Brand and studio in London, find a way to preserve their beauty for ever more .The Curious Departments latest collection Metamorphosis showcases their fascination with Nature, the founders Chris and Ross design and produce limited edition art prints, hand crafted taxidermy Butterflies, fine bone china and decorative home accessories. The passion and dedication they both have for their brand is truly evident in the distinctive quality of their designs.The Butterfly above is a Purple Spotted Swallowtail and is only found in the Highlands of new Guinea, having something in my home that I would of likely otherwise never seen is pretty special. My kiddies are fascinated by it, so much so it prompted a little lesson on the life cycle of a butterfly…educational too!

Flower Dyeing


In my house Teapots are not just for tea, ain’t it pretty! I thought id try my hand at dyeing some flowers, its a really simple process, all you need is food colouring and patience.

Real Life Fairytale Houses


Fairytales, magic, princesses and fairies is what most little girls love and not just little girls, grown women with 4 children do too…ahem. When I was small I loved to get lost in fairytales ,but as much as I loved the stories I loved the houses and Castles too, who wouldn’t want to live in the 7 Dwarfs cottage! As we all know it was the imagination of many a gifted illustrator who created these magical abodes and surely they don’t really exist, do they? As it turns out, yes they do! Ive found the daydreamers alternative to the fairytale versions we all know and love.