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How To Paint Fabric With Acrylic Paint

If you’ve ever used Acrylic Paint on fabric then you’ll be aware of how well it adheres to it, but you’ll also be aware of how it can easily turn the fabric into cardboard!But thankfully there is a way around it

How To Remove Ink Stains From Fabric

This is my corner sofa, so fresh, so clean. Enter Husband…ill start with a little back story, so he comes in from work and goes straight to the kitchen sink and starts scrubbing his hands, whats all that on your hand I ask? “Its ink, my bloody pen leaked in my pants pocket, its got everywhere” he replied. Now PAUSE, most people would go ahead and get changed at this point, but no, not my guy. I was so busy rushing around after the kids that I hadnt noticed, that he had sat down on the sofa, shortly after went to the bathroom, then up to the bedroom and then finally to the kitchen, now I dont know this because I followed him around the house like a love sick puppy, no no no, I know this because he left his mark in each and every room, a large dark blue mark to be acurate. Arghh…. Calm down. I began to do a little chant in my head, I love him, I love him, I love him, this repetition was a distraction from the actual thought that was running through my head, you can probably imagine what that was.

Easy DIY Fruit Crate


Super Easy Ikea Hack Fruit Crate, the ‘fruit’ writing was smudged by my over eager toddler who couldnt wait to pinch a plum and then run off..I came upon this idea when I was looking for one of those hooks you hang bananas on, why do you hang bananas up? Because they ripen better and last longer, but all I could find were those wire basket things with a sweeping arm and hook on the end, not really my cup of tea and honestly you can only fit one small bunch of bananas on at a time, so I had this crate which I bought from Ikea its called SKOGSTA

Upcycling with Sharpie Pens

  So I was looking at the numerous plant pots in my home and thinking of ways that I could fancy them up a bit, I wanted to jazz them up by adding some pops of colour and for the hell of it popping a face on a couple of them ;o) It would be quite costly to go out and buy several pots of paint, not to mention time consuming(drying time etc)

DIY Childrens Sandpit

Its that time of year, if your lucky! that the sun shines and sitting in the garden becomes much more enjoyable, now as much as I love to sit out there with a cup of tea and admire my flowers my children don’t! they want to play and be entertained by much more than a pretty flower or 2. So me and the hubby decided to make a Sandpit with a twist.

Rust-oleum VS Home With The Haworths Ikea Hack

So I was challenged by the lovely guys over at Rust-oleum to come up with with an Upcycle project using their products, I decided on an Ikea Hack, namely 3 sets of old Malm drawers, i’ve had the drawers a few years and they were long overdue a makeover, originally Oak in colour and uninspiring I knew I could make them look a hell of a lot better. Here’s what they looked like before

Lamp Upcycle with Wallpaper

Another day, another lamp! Super quick 10 minute makeover and all you need is

How To Make A Birdcage Lamp

You may have seen versions of this all over the internet, they are incredibly beautiful but also incredibly expensive, I saw one that was £500 just for the shade…WOW! So what I decided to do was, feed the kids this month and make my own ;o)

Upcycled Plant Stand

Under my stairs is a treasure trove of furniture, that have yet to be re purposed into something else, all preloved pieces that I have been gifted off family/friends or items that I got for a knock out price, although I may not have a use for them at the time, I store them away until I can find a spot for them or have an idea to shape them into something else. I swear I am not a hoarder! my hubby wouldn’t have it. On a recent trip to ikea I bought this very striking Urn plant or Aechmea fasciata…little bit of latin thrown in there ;o)

DIY Memo Board

Hugely popular right now are wire memo boards, but they are also quite expensive, I couldn’t justify spending £50.00 on what is ultimately a sheet of wire mesh, so I decided to have a crack at making my own, I popped to B & Q and bought this for £9.91

Ikea Hack Dressing Table

Ive been at it again!! I really cant stop myself ♥ My new dressing table actually started life as a fairly large Ikea black desk, I particularly liked this project 1. Because the desk was a freebie which was offered on a social media site and being the quick clicker I am, I managed to be the first one to comment 2. I got to use my Pink Paint again from Rust-oleum(pink champagne) and lastly 3. I finally have my own spot to pamper myself should I have the energy or time to.

I know you guys love a before and after, so here is what my dressing table looked like originally

Upcycled Retro Danish Coffee Table

As promised here is my latest project, it took a lot of time and elbow grease to turn this table around, it had years and years of reddish varnish layered on, my good old electric sander failed at the task and just resulted in a sticky mess, so we resorted to the heat gun, I say we, but in truth my hubby tackled it, for some reason he didn’t trust me to do it, because apparently I lack patience and 3rd degree burns are not an attractive look!

The Deal with Teal

Following on from my previous post and the reinvention of the dining area I thought id show you all the update on my upcycled dining room table, I wanted to introduce lots of different colours into this room, its the area where all the kiddies congregate (I think mainly because its right next to the kitchen.. so easily accessible to the cookie jar!)but for this reason I want it to be a little more fun and less grown up than than the main living room. Teal is cheerful yet calming and with the white walls as a background it really stands out, its also a far more practical colour than the white I had originally painted the legs, spills and splatters will obviously still be cleaned off, but at least the colour will temporarily disguise the madness that is dinner time.

Upcycled Danish Retro Drawers

Good morning all, a little update on what ive been upto this week, Ive been upcycling my little heart out! We, or should I say ‘I’ have become a little bored of our dining/living room area so ive decided to freshen it up and change pretty much everything about it. Ive always loved retro furniture, particularly Danish designed pieces, I managed to pick up some preloved mid century drawers for the knock out price of £30! The shape and style was exactly what I was after and after some searching I found this lovely set

How to make a Childrens Bench from a Coffee Table



Ive been pretty busy this week, I decided to update the landing area of our home, the bedrooms in my Victorian house were pretty generous in size when we bought it, but as we wanted a large family our 3 bedroom house eventually became a 4 bedroom, which meant one of the larger bedrooms ultimately was turned in to 2 and bedroom size obviously suffered, so I have to make the most of any spare space, as always im pretty budget conscious and when possible I like to re purpose old unused furniture into something useful. I wanted an area for my boys to hang up their dressing gowns and keep their slippers, however there just wasn’t the space for it in their room.

How to Upholster a Chair

img_20161016_1511251When I told people what my next project would be, my lovely family and friends look shocked…I got, Are you crazy? But your not an upholsterer Kel? What if you mess it up? Do you know how hard upholstery is? It seems upholstery is the untouchable of the furnishing world, maybe my loved ones had a point? So I rang around to get some quotes from professionals and the quotes made my mind up for me, I was looking at £300 upwards. Now these people really do know what their doing and I don’t doubt at all that their mad skills are worth every penny of that £300, but I didn’t want to pay that much for something, that I could likely do myself, all I had to do was learn. So first port of call YOU TUBE, I watched many many tutorials and I found one in particular that I found really useful How to upholster a wing back chair , because of that video I figured out what supplies id need and the tricks of the trade that would hopefully allow me to make a beautiful chair.

Upcycled Washstand


I had always wanted a twin sink unit in the bathroom but there was nothing out there that I fancied, one option would have been to have a good quality bespoke unit made, but not really in my Budget..So I had to get a little Inventive.

Repurposed Furniture


Now this is something I do a lot of, I love giving something, unused, unloved, or broken a new lease of life and new its fun! I hate to throw anything away so I always try and find an alternative use for something that has ultimately just lost its sparkle!

How to make Patterned Candles

edited candle 1

Hello friends! How pretty are patterned candles ?

This is one that I made, im going to do a quickie picture tutorial and show you lovely lot how you can make your own.

Creating an Alcove Office


I would love to have my own room for a desk, somewhere I can escape and blog to my hearts content, however I am morphing slowly into the old women who lived in a shoe,had so many children, well you know the rest! So I commandeered an alcove, its now my alcove and I get to make this 2 sq metre vast space into something pretty and functional. Where to start…well the basics first, Desk, Chair and Shelves.