DIY Childrens Egg Cup Planters

Being the DIY nerd that I am, my head is constantly juggling ideas, but the ones I like the most are the ones you can do with your Kids. My little Minnions are off school for the Summer Holidays and the typical English weather has forced us to stay indoors some days, so when this occurs I like to have a fun project up my sleeve that will keep them from getting bored and wrecking the house! I do love a miniature makeover, these ridiculously cute for words DIY Egg Cup planters are perfect for a childrens room, they’ll add colour and character to any shelf and hopefully keep your kids quiet for an hour or so.

No tutorial required here..Got an Egg Cup? Got a Sharpie? Great! Your good to go ;0) In case it isnt obvious, we drew a Fox, Panda and Penguin (my daughter created the Penguin..isnt she clever) I used Ceramic white Egg Cups, you can pick them up cheaply enough, Sharpie Ink drys quite quickly, so if you do make a mistake, I would have some Nail Polish remover handy, a quick rub and you can start over. I also put some beads on top of the soil for a little colour pop

Did I say these would be great for a Childrens room? Sorry kids, mama may be keeping these little fellas!



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