Christmas at the Haworths


Its safe to say that Christmas has most definately landed in the Haworth household, ive gone a little fairy light crazy this year, there’s something so magical about twinkling lights at Christmas time and despite the beep words that came out of my hubby’s mouth while he was hanging them,I assure you.. he agrees too! I bought all of my lights of ebay, they are all on translucent wire and glow a warm white, I always go with warm white, its a much softer glow and  kinda emulates the flicker of a candle, the bright white option, for me can be a little blinding and honestly gives me a headache after a while so I tend to steer clear of them.


This is my hallway, as you can see its long and narrow and provides very little space for an all out Christmas explosion, however my house is blessed with high ceilings, so I thought why not make the most of them, I started with the idea of large floating stars and then because I am never quite comfortable with the less is more ideal, I thought sod it, I need some stardust! So I bought some Icicle lights, when it came to putting it all together, I used fishing wire, that stuff is remarkably strong and nearly invisible to the eye, which is perfect for when your trying to create the impression of floating. The Stars went up first, fishing wire was hung from the ceiling and tied onto each one, if you don’t want to put holes in your wall, then the best thing to use is command hooks they are very strong and leave your walls damage free. Next up, I fixed fishing wire in a zig zag fashion from wall to wall weaving in between the stars, when the wire was in place, I just draped the lights on it. It took around an hour to finish but I think the effect is really beautiful and I’ll definately be doing it again next year.


Still on the hallway, a gal cant have too many trees! My hubby came home and said ‘Kel, they’ve got some Nordic Inspired trees in Tesco’…he actually said Nordic Inspired,Ha.. I love that, my interior obsession is finally breaking through to my bearded, petrol Junkie gent! I knew id get there in the end, I just needed time folks ;o) Moving on, this snow covered tree was just £15.00 and with a few of my own decorations, it brightens up this small space a treat. the Silver tree is from DotComGiftShop


My tree is the heart of the house right now, I cant wait to have my babies sat around this on Christmas Morning, my colour of choice is always red, white and silver at Christmas, its very traditional and that’s how I like it, One year I did try to spread my wings and decorate with purple and silver, but I just couldn’t get along with it and swiftly changed it back.


The ski boots were upcycled by me, find the post here .The wooden sleigh I bought off Amazon, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a sleigh is it?


I went with white glitter reindeer paper this year which you can buy from Tescos, the ribbon is from Home Bargains, my cute little Rocking Horse is from Dotcomgiftshop .


As a final touch to our main living area, I added a fairy light curtain to our patio doors, it feels so cosy and warm in their at night time now, so much so I can barely keep my eyes open, twinkly lights, fire and a Christmas tree its a sure cure for insomnia!

Id like to say im finished with my Christmas decorating but that would be a lie, I find it very hard to walk past the Christmas Isle and not bring something home, I havnt inherited the nick name Mama Claus for nothing!

Ill be showing you all my plans for my Christmas Table Setting soon, so look out for that x




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