Christmas Ice Skates Decoration


How fun are these,I had sooo much of a good time decorating these, I had to use polkadots… everything is better with polkadots. These boots would be great hung on a mirror, fireplace even a front door.

They originally looked like this


The Ice Skates were a second hand bargain for £5.00 off Ebay , If you fancy giving it a go your gonna need


Polkadot stickers

Red Fabric

Faux fur

Glue gun

At first I thought I would hand paint the polkadots on the boots, but I really wanted a solid circle so I had a little search online and found Polkadot stickers on ebay for £1.99 , for all the materials above including the cost of the boots it was all less than £10.00 , which I think is a pretty good price for something as unique and quirky as this!

First I placed all the polkadot stickers on the boots, I then cut a long length of red fabric around 3 inches wide and created a kind of cuff on the top of the boot, I used the glue gun to fix it in place. Next up I cut a long length of Faux fur at 1 inch wide and glued it to the top of the cuff.

Lastly I attached the two boots together with Candy stripe Ribbon, as a finishing touch I popped some faux plant sprays in the top of the boot. Super easy! Of course there’s a thousand different ways you could decorate your own Ice skate boots and If you do decide to give it a go, please tag me on Instagram Id love to see it.


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