Christmas Mantel Pelmet


I wanted to make something that was a little different from the traditional garland we all use to decorate our fireplaces, I have decorated my mantel with the same holly berry garland for the past 7 years and well, I fancied a change. So I came up with this, Its colourful, eye catching and relatively simple to make, heres how I did it;

I wanted to create a scallop edge effect, So I got my fabric, plant pot and pencil


With your pencil, draw around your plantpot…plate, pan,bowl…pretty much anything circular, my plant pot was 20cm across, the larger your circle, the larger your scallop. When your done cut them out. NB: Please measure your fireplace mantel to figure out how many scallops you’ll need, for eg my fireplace was 146 cm width, so roughly 7 20cm wide scallops(allowing for seam loss) would be the right amount.


When you have your circles, fold them in half, then cut down the centre, you should end up with this


Now your ready to sew them together, you want the pattern to be the same both sides, so put your 2 fabric pieces together(pretty sides facing) and sew around the curve like so;


Its not necessary to sew the straight edge as the wide trim we add shortly will hide it, when you’ve done every semi circle, its time to turn them inside out (see finished scallop above). I didn’t put any wadding in my scallops to give it that cushioned feel, but if that’s what you want to do, then pop it in now before the next part.


Here were adding the grey trim, measure the length of your mantel and decide how wide you want your trim to be, mine was 4 cm wide but I cut my fabric 10 cm wide( because I wanted the trim to be 4 cm on the front and back and the extra 2 cm were allowing for sewing the seams) , now tuck your scallops into the long length of fabric, making sure the grey fabric is equally wide on the front and back, pin in place then sew



And your done, hope you found this helpful, please tag me on Instagram if you decide to give it a go.



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