Christmas Table Favour Box



I do this every year, its just a little something extra for the family to enjoy alongside the Christmas Crackers..which lets face it don’t always give the most imaginative of treats do they, for some reason eyebrow tweezers, mini sewing kits and nail clippers just don’t do it for my kids. They pretty much pull the Crackers 1. for the bang and 2. for the paper hat.


You can buy regular favour boxes pretty easily online, but they are tiny. So what I do is buy Single Cupcake Boxes off ebay, their around 8cm square. Big enough for nail varnishes, makeup, jewellrey or like me Kinder eggs, which I sometimes put in for the kids, chocolate and a brainer! I will be eventually making up six of these little boxes for our Christmas table, but each box will have a different kind of ribbon, I love ribbon and I stumbled on a way to save some pennies!


Ive found, that on Ebay some sellers offer pre cut ribbon bundles at a fraction of the normal cost, for example I bought this luxury Christmas ribbon, 10 x 1 m lengths(perfect size for my boxes) for just £3.00.


I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to Ribbon and boxes, you want a tidy neat bow and….


a nice flat bottom! There is a method to it and it can be tricky at first but i’ve been doing it for years and its second nature now, I found this video tuturial on You Tube click here



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