DIY Bare Rooted House Plant In Water

If you really want to make your house plants stand out and join in with a popular trend right now then you’ll love this little Bare Root DIY ive done with my Clusia Plant, the vase and plant were both bought from Ikea

Carefully remove your plant from its pot and start to run the tap, making sure the water is Luke warm

The temperature is important, because if the water is too cold the plant will go into shock, when your happy with the temperature, start to rinse off all the soil, using your hands gently encourage the soil to fall away * you may want to place a bowl or bucket beneath to catch it all, the last thing you want to do is block your plumbing!

When all the soil is gone its time to prepare your Vase, a great tip is to use room temperature Bottled Spring water(still not sparkling)and not tap water, the reason being that Spring water will not only provide the plant with precious minerals but it will also prevent any lime markings or clouding appearing on the glass.


And its that easy, just make sure to submerge your roots fully and your plant will live as happily in water as it did in soil

Kelly ♥

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