DIY Childrens Sandpit

Its that time of year, if your lucky! that the sun shines and sitting in the garden becomes much more enjoyable, now as much as I love to sit out there with a cup of tea and admire my flowers my children don’t! they want to play and be entertained by much more than a pretty flower or 2. So me and the hubby decided to make a Sandpit with a twist.

Our Sandpit, Blackboard and sofa all in one, its a great space saving piece of garden furniture, you can hide the mess by just dropping the lid and easily create more seating by just popping some cushions on. It all started with a doodle that I presented to my hubby on a scrap of paper, followed by….’can you build me this? He actually quite enjoys building things and it was his idea to put the ledge around the base because in his words ‘it makes it look classier’ love that guy!

The whole thing is made from lengths of decking board which were on sale, 3 for the price of 4, it took my hubby 2 hours to make and only cost £35.00. If you were to go shopping for a solid, good quality wooden sandpit as large as this one then you would expect to be paying 3 times that without the added bonus of a chalkboard or sofa.

The handle and eye were originally black iron that I spray painted Metallic Gold by Rust-oleum, which I knew would complement the All surface Blue Lagoon satin paint also by Rust-oleum. The Chalkboard is pretty cool as it also has the added feature of being magnetic, my youngest especially loves this as he can play with his letter and number magnets, the paint for this was Rust-oleum Black Magnetic Chalk Board Paint

So do our kiddies love the new addition to the garden? We found this little message my son left for us..his very sweet way of saying thank you ♥


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