Upcycled Plant Stand

Under my stairs is a treasure trove of furniture, that have yet to be re purposed into something else, all preloved pieces that I have been gifted off family/friends or items that I got for a knock out price, although I may not have a use for them at the time, I store them away until I can find a spot for them or have an idea to shape them into something else. I swear I am not a hoarder! my hubby wouldn’t have it. On a recent trip to ikea I bought this very striking Urn plant or Aechmea fasciata…little bit of latin thrown in there ;o)

A plant this beautiful deserves to be raised up a little in order to make it a feature, so I needed a plant stand of sorts, I could of gone out and bought one, but I remembered I had an old bar stool set aside for an occasion such as this.

I got my saw out(yes, I have my own saw now) and began to saw the legs off. The fear that radiates from my husbands voice every time I tell him ive been using the saw is so funny, I get ‘what?? Kel…what have you been chopping up now?’ Im sure he walks through the door each day wondering what the hell he’s about to see, in truth I really don’t need specific tools, one day some moons ago, I used a bread knife to take all the kitchen tiles off the kichen wall….what he calls nuts, I call inventive!

I had some left over Teal Rust-oleum paint that id used on the dining table and I knew the colour would compliment the new plant , im so happy with it ♥

Kelly x

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