Easy DIY Fruit Crate


Super Easy Ikea Hack Fruit Crate, the ‘fruit’ writing was smudged by my over eager toddler who couldnt wait to pinch a plum and then run off..I came upon this idea when I was looking for one of those hooks you hang bananas on, why do you hang bananas up? Because they ripen better and last longer, but all I could find were those wire basket things with a sweeping arm and hook on the end, not really my cup of tea and honestly you can only fit one small bunch of bananas on at a time, so I had this crate which I bought from Ikea its called SKOGSTA

It only cost £10.00 and with its plain untreated wood its ripe(excuse the pun) for a little makeover, I painted the front and back with Blackboard paint from Rust-oleum and for a little extra colour, I got the frog tape out and created a little feature on each side

I used Champagne pink and yellow also by Rust-oleum, as you can see my masking isnt perfect(it was my first go) however im still going to show you the picture as I can tell you were I went wrong, before you start to paint, check, then check again that the tape is stuck down securely all the way, because when you paint, the tape will start to lift if it isnt completely adhered to the surface..lesson learned, the other side was much better

So a quick little Ikea hack, a great addition to the dining table and if you go through as much fruit as my family do then its very much needed

Kelly ♥

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