Glamper or Camper ?


When it comes to camping I believe there is 2 types of people, My husband is definately a camper hes the type of person who would happily throw a sleeping bag a tiny pop up tent, tin opener and a gas can stove into a rucksack and be perfectly happy. I am the complete opposite I like sheets not sleeping bags, I like big tents with plenty of room, I like proper beds with a mattress, I like my tent to feel homely and cosy, so I guess im a glamper, my hubby laughed and said ‘were supposed to be roughing it’ and hes right, my version of roughing it is very different to his, but that doesn’t make it wrong, what ever floats your boat as they say!

I tell you taking up camping opened a whole new world for me, if its not compact, foldable, collapsable or inflatable then I pretty much cant have it! Restrictions like this forced me to become more creative with the space I had.

The tent we bought is a tunnel type Coleman Fremont 8 and we went with this one because we could arrange the sleeping pods at the very end of the tent, which meant we could be close to our babies while they slept,and it still left lots of usable living space . Its fairly large measuring at nearly 8 metres long and over 4 metres wide, you dont have to duck your head either as its over 2 metres tall, check out this link for the you tube video walk through.


So first up the beds, I wanted to really get the most out of our camping holiday and I know if I didn’t get a good nights sleep or in anyway feel uncomfortable then I know I would of just said ‘ok, I tried it, camping isnt for me’ People go on holiday to relax dont they? So in order to relax I needed to make our space as comfortable as possible, so I decided on camping beds with inflatable mattresses on top,the camp beds raised the mattresses off the cold floor and made for a much better sleeping experience

I bought our camp beds from Go Outdoors, they were £45.00 for 2 and we bought 4 in total to accommodate 2 double mattresses

download (2)


I wanted something comfortable, I must of sat in every foldable chair I could find, we settled on a 2 seater chair from Go Outdoors, it may not look it but its very comfy it has a padded back and sides and its even big enough to curl up on in an evening.

download (3)

Of course I wanted to put my own stamp on it, so with the help of cushions and blankets I changed its look to this


The table in front of the sofa is actually a bench from a table set we bought,we decided on chairs for around the table so the 2 benches that came with the table set have been repurposed as coffee tables.


You can buy this set from Millets for £65.00

Lighting was in the form of battery operated fairy lights and lanterns both of which can be bought from bmstores , they provided a really calming and cosy atmosphere, ive already bought more for our next trip.



Aswell as the dining set above, we bought our dining chairs from bm stores they were 2 for £9.00 and come in four different colours, of course I went with pink and blue! The plates, bowls and cups all came from bm stores too and were £1.00 a piece.



Theres a lot more I want for the tent and theirs some changes I want to make to my camp kitchen, this is how my kitchen looks now, but I have plans to add curtains to the bottom half to give it a much prettier feel.

A similar kitchen can be bought from All weathers I bought mine preloved off ebay , it comes with lots of storage and you can even roll part of the surface up to reveal a sink!


In total we invested around £650 on our camp set up, its a lot of money but we saved where we could , the tent was bought off ebay for £250 with an an original rrp of £600 it was a massive saving and the couple we bought it off had only used it once, so it was practically new. Our canvas home should last us many years and will guarantee us many family holidays and happy memories, our first trip was a huge success, the kids had a ball, made friends,played out all day, stayed up late, got mucky, danced in the rain and went to bed exhausted!

I cant wait for our next trip



  1. Linda
    August 7, 2016 / 6:42 pm

    Wow this looks incredible … I’m definitely a glamper and would happily live in this tent. How do you transport it all?

    Loving your page

    Linda x

    • homewiththehaworths
      August 8, 2016 / 1:53 pm

      Thanks so much, we have a fairly large pick up truck, so enough space to transport all the pretty stuff!

  2. August 14, 2016 / 5:54 am

    We’re off on our first camping trip in September. You’ve given me so much inspiration to make our tent more cozy and homely. Thank you so much! Love the blog (and your Instagram feed 😊)

    • homewiththehaworths
      August 14, 2016 / 11:25 am

      Your very welcome and thanks!, hope you have a fab time with your family
      Happy Camping
      Kelly x

  3. Grainne
    August 18, 2016 / 7:44 pm

    I just abs love your blog and I am really looking forward to re-creating my dream space in my caravan and awning. Thank you for all the tips xx

    • homewiththehaworths
      August 26, 2016 / 4:43 pm

      So happy your enjoying it! Oh i do love a caravan makeover, lots of luck
      Kelly x

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