How to make Patterned Candles

edited candle 1

Hello friends! How pretty are patterned candles ?

This is one that I made, im going to do a quickie picture tutorial and show you lovely lot how you can make your own.

Here goes, your going to need

1.Pillar Candle

2.Good quality napkin of choice( quality is important, ive tried doing this technique with cheaper napkins and the colour bleeds, I recommend Emma Bridgewater/Cath Kidston or similar)


So first pull the top ply of your napkin off, like so

napkin seperated

trim your napkin to size by rolling your candle in the napkin and cut where the 2 sides meet ( leave a little extra at the top of the napkin, we will trim this later)

edited trim

Now Pretty side facing you place your napkin in place and with your iron on the lowest heat, gently run the iron over the edge of the napkin like this (you will get a little wax on the Iron, just have a damp cloth handy and wipe it over the iron while its still hot)

first iron

You will start to see the wax absorb into the napkin and become part of the candle, repeat this process all the way round the candle, when you get to the end where your 2 sides meet, just check they meet neatly if not trim accordingly and iron.

end meet

So you should have a little overhang on the top of the candle, trim very neatly round the edge so the napkin runs in line with the top edge of the candle, in an upwards motion now run the iron gently over where youve trimmed, so the napkin is absorbed by the wax. You should end up with this


And your done! It took less than 10 minutes to make and so much fun. NB These are ‘for show’ candles, I have never burned any of mine so I cannot attest to the safety of doing so and I wouldnt recommend it…..but why would you want to? their so pretty!

If any of you lovely readers decide to give it a go, please tag my Instagram


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