How To Paint Fabric With Acrylic Paint

If you’ve ever used Acrylic Paint on fabric then you’ll be aware of how well it adheres to it, but you’ll also be aware of how it can easily turn the fabric into cardboard!But thankfully there is a way around it

Im going to run through the process of how to make Acrylic paint Fabric Friendly♥  The fixer is something called Acrylic Medium

Mixing a little medium with the paint will not change the colour but it will slightly dilute it and turn it into ‘fabric paint’ adding the medium will prevent the fabric from stiffening. Now at some point your going to want to wash your creation, the best way to ensure that your design remains intact is to HEAT SET it. When your paint is completely dry( I would give it 24hrs)take your Iron, set the heat on to medium *make sure the steam is off* then gently iron for 3-5 minutes.

I decided to paint simple Scandinavian inspired leaves, the emerald green on the bright white cotton is really striking and allows the leaves to stand out more

Im actually really happy with how my pillowcase turned out, I sound surprised dont I? I am always a little cautious when trying a new technique, this process dosnt have to be restricted to just pillowcases, you could customise curtains, tablecloths, clothes even, its really fun to do and didnt take too long at all, if you decide to give it a go yourself, dont forget to tag me on Instagram, Id love to see it




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