How to make a Childrens Bench from a Coffee Table



Ive been pretty busy this week, I decided to update the landing area of our home, the bedrooms in my Victorian house were pretty generous in size when we bought it, but as we wanted a large family our 3 bedroom house eventually became a 4 bedroom, which meant one of the larger bedrooms ultimately was turned in to 2 and bedroom size obviously suffered, so I have to make the most of any spare space, as always im pretty budget conscious and when possible I like to re purpose old unused furniture into something useful. I wanted an area for my boys to hang up their dressing gowns and keep their slippers, however there just wasn’t the space for it in their room.


I had an old Ikea lack table which had long since been discarded under the stairs awaiting a reinvention, so I decided i’d saw it in half and fashion a small bench, now these lack tables are not made of solid wood, the filling of the tables is actually paper/cardboard so its not just a case of draw a line and saw along it, firstly you have to protect the high gloss surface from chipping and secondly you have to strengthen the structure afterwards. Heres how I did it.


Your gonna need, heavy duty masking tape, stick the tape down the centre of your table, then draw your cutting line on the tape, the tape will protect the surface of the table as you saw through it.


As you can see, your faced with the cardboard filling, as soon as you sawed through the table you have weakened the structural stability of the table or now bench, so you now need to reinforce it to prevent it collapsing under weight.


Get yourself a wooden batten to strengthen the back, ideally you want to fill the whole space to make it solid, screw the batten in place from underneath. Finally its just down to screwing it to the wall..


This was part way through, I screwed another batten to the wall to create a kind of ledge for the back of the bench to rest on and then screwed from beneath the batten into the bench to fix it in place, to finish off I painted the batten white to blend in with the wall.

And thats it, a very cheap and cheerful £5.00 bench !


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