Introducing Oh Homely Girl

If your reading this then you may have noticed some changes ↑ ↑ For some time I have wanted to Change the name of my blog, Home With The Haworths was a name I picked a couple of years ago when I first started my Instagram Account, it was rushed and a kinda..yeah that will do! My Instagram became quite popular and I started getting asked questions about my projects/interior etc. So starting a blog became the next obvious step and taking Home with the Haworths with me to match the Instagram made a lot of sense. Now a wiser person would of renamed their IG and picked the ideal blog name right from the beginning. The only problem was, I couldnt come up with anything I liked, and until I did, I decided to just stick with what I knew.

As it turns out the name kind of found me! I was searching domains for the hundredth time, doodling down possible names, none of which really appealed to me, now frustrated, I closed the laptop, got myself a glass of wine and popped some music on…..can you see where Im going with this? If your a music fan of a particular Reggae band in the 80’s & 90’s then the song im talking about will definately be running through your head right now, Oh Homely Girl..I got a ahaaa moment. Not just because I love the song, but because It was the first song I spent my own money on as a kid, It was also the first song my hubby sang to me while on our 3rd date, granted he was drunk, but it still counts and finally, believe me I am as homely as they come!!

So ive got myself a new name, thats the hard bit done..WRONG! if your a blogger you’ll understand the drama that comes after.. The Domain transfer, Back up, youve got to let Google and Bing know of the name change, youve got to set up your 301 re direct(which I have done, so even if you search the old address, you’ll still find me) You have to update all your social channels, I cant begin to list the many more tasks! 5 hours later and im still working to make sure every essential step is taken, my work on the blog will carry on for the rest of the week. This is not a decision I took lightly, there is always a risk of losing readers, but as I look at my Stats today, theres been no dip, if anything they’ve improved, time will tell, what I do know is, that its better to take this step now while the blog is in its early years rather than a year from now when a name change would take considerably more time, work and stress. Oh Homely Girl feels right and although it took me 2 years to find her, I have a feeling that we’re going to be just fine!

My social media user names have also all changed to Oh Homely girl  Click Instagram & Twitter


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