Lamp Shade Garland Lights


Ah the summer holidays when every parent has to master the ability to keep their children entertained from the minute they open their eyes till the moment they go to sleep, failing to do so will most certainly result in the 2 words which every parent dreads to hear ‘I’m Bored’ and they will continue to repeat it until you, the parent, does something about it. At these times of despair, I turn to the craft box and desperately try to think of a fun project to keep my little angels amused. Above was today’s project, my daughter calls it the Pom Pom Light shade Garland.

I always have lots of left over scrap fabric and it came in very useful for this project.

What you will need

Plastic Cups


Scrap fabric or alternatively napkins

Pom Pom Trim

PVA glue

Glue gun

Battery operated fairy lights

First up, roughly cut your fabric to size


Now take your fabric and paste pva glue all over ,line your fabric up with the top of the cup, next gently roll your cup in the fabric, smoothing any wrinkles out with your hands as you go.

You will end up with overhang at the bottom of your cup, trim off with scissors

Leave to dry

Now pom pom time! Wrap your pom pom trim around the cup and cut to size, use a glue gun to add drops of glue around the top of the cup, then attach the pom poms.


The final part is attaching the lights, poke a small hole in the base of your cup and push through the lights.



Its a fun little project to do with the kids or without them. As always if you decide to give it a go please tag me on Instagram I would love to see it x

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