Lamp Upcycle with Wallpaper

Another day, another lamp! Super quick 10 minute makeover and all you need is


Double sided sticky tape



So when I decorated my Loft Bedroom, I had quite a lot of wallpaper left over so I decided to make use of it by making over an old lamp. First up, roll your shade in the wallpaper and roughly cut the amount you need, leave a little more length than you need for when the paper will join at the back of the shade, now to get a more accurate cut place your shade on the paper and measure 1 cm more than you need on each side(this will eventually be wrapped over the top and bottom) draw a straight line, I just did it by eye, however you could use a level or a straight edge.

Ive seen this done with wallpaper paste, but id be worried about wrinkles and I really wanted a clean rigid finish. Using your double sided tape, place it round the rim of the shade in a way that half of it is hanging over the top, your going to curl this over so that the wallpaper will stick to the outside and inside of the shade.

Once your tape is in place, simply lay your paper out and start to slowly roll your shade, making sure to smooth out the paper as you go. before you get to the end of the paper, place some tape, length ways at the very end to secure the paper to the back

Finally start to curl and tuck your paper over the edges of your shade, which will now be held in place by the sticky tape you folded over earlier and that’s pretty much it, it takes no time at all and such an easy way of using up all the left over wallpaper

Kelly x

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