Living Room Makeover

So ive been busy! My husband finally cracked and let me into ‘his room’ and to top it off he let me make all the decisions, its been fun! This room used to have a big bulky brown leather sofa in it which i disliked immensely, however my hubby said it was comfy so for a while it became untouchable.

I find when I want to change something in the house, I have to come up with a convincing argument as to why its a good idea and how it will greatly benefit my darling hubby, its almost like a pitch and ive gotta say over the years ive become pretty damn good at it. So first I went in with ‘lazy Sundays’ I described what it would be like to lounge on a large corner sofa in front of the fire, how my 6 ft fella could stretch out easily and how this sofa would improve his viewing of all the guy programmes he loves to watch so much…this raised a smile, im on to a winner I thought, next was ‘family time’, we could fit all the children on, without being trod or jumped on, blankets, snacks…..NAPS! I could see him weakening, so I went in with my trump card ‘the boxing’ this sofa would be great for that, we could have our friends round, a few beers, a takeaway. Annnnnd…….SOLD! Damn im good. Dont get me wrong he’s no fool, he knew from word one what I was doing, but he also knows how excited I get about this sort of thing, so he allows me to prattle on to prove just how much I want it and then enivatably he’ll give the head nod and im off, in less than 10 seconds flat im on the laptop, planning, like a pig in the proverbial!

The bones of the room were good, walls, floors, window dressing all done and last year I had already commandeered an alcove and turned it into a workspace for my blogging and sewing, so one side of the room was already finished.



What was wanting was wall decoration, sofa, rug, coffee table and accessories, in truth id already picked out the sofa before I pitched my idea to the hubby, I wanted a light grey chesterfield type sofa with pale pink accents ( I am nothing if not loyal to my favourite colour) So I decided on the Oxford Chesterfield Sofa which I bought off Ebay for £699

Ebay…I hear ya, yes it can be a risk buying a high cost item without first seeing it in person, however id done a lot of research, read reviews and I thought screw it, I want it, I tell you I was not dissapointed, the fabric is a very soft Chennile and the quality is, believe me amazing! It looks far more expensive that it was and Ive had more visits from family than normal, just to have a nosy at it, everyone agrees with me and are shocked when I tell them the price.

I wanted a Rug that didn’t blend in with the sofa, but one that would make the area pop, nothing to loud but something that would draw the eye. Its called Fudge Ripple, it measures 200 x 290 off Ebay and can you believe cost only £42.00, yet it dosn’t look like it was inexpensive at all

Oh and how do you like my slipper and blanket Caddy? the little wooden crate was from Ikea and although my family laugh at this, im not the one losing my slippers am I?

The coffee table, I absolutely love, its right up my street! I didn’t shop around because I knew I wanted this as soon as I saw it, its the Orla Blush from Very , it has 6 drawers in total, front and back, heavy and sturdy with a very clean look, I particularly love the little gold handles.

The shelving is Kallax from Ikea, the gorgeous Taxidermy butterfly in the frame is from The Curious Department check out there site or read up about them on my previous review.

The potted succulent and dragon tree are from B & Q, small vases Matalan and the crackle glaze vase is from Homebargains

The 3 mirrors are form Poundstretchers bargain at £15 each and the botanical prints are from Freddie the Kid

All in all im really happy with the room and my not so little family have now experienced their first ‘Lazy Sunday’ in here and im pleased to say it got a thumbs up from everyone!

Kelly xx




  1. March 13, 2017 / 9:59 pm

    It looks great – and I hope your husband thinks it an improvement on the chunky brown sofas there before, they’re such a a man stereotype sofa aren’t they? I got mine to move from black to brown and this time we’re not having that style at all – yay! #lifestylelinky

    • homewiththehaworths
      March 18, 2017 / 2:55 pm

      Thankyou, really are, took a lot of convincing to ditch that sofa lol
      Kelly x

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