How To Make A Peacock Feather Dreamcatcher Mobile

I loved making this!  I decided to use Vibrant Peacock Feathers as the focus of this Mobile and added small pearlescent beads to finish off, it was super easy to make and so much fun, the kids wanted to help with this project and together I think we made a beautiful decoration that will float above my daughters bed and catch any nasty dreams

The Dreamcatcher cost less than £5.00 to make and all the below items were purchased of Ebay

Florists Wire Wreath


Fishing wire

10 Faux Peacock Feathers


First thing you want to do is cut 4 equal lengths of wire and tie each length to the top of the wire wreath(these wire lengths will be what suspends the DreamCatcher from the ceiling) on each length of wire start to thread your beads, I used 20 beads on each, when every wire has been done, just collect all 4 wires and knot them all together. I sprayed the wreath rose gold by Rust-oleum

Now for the body of the mobile, take each feather and push your pin through the end of it..creating a tiny hole, thread the fishing wire through and tie a knot to keep the wire and feather in place, finally thread 5 beads on top of the feather and then attach the feather and beads to the frame by just tying it in place..repeat 10 times. I didnt cut the fishing wire to specific lengths, I just cut different lengths by eye and went with the flow, it turned out just how id hoped.

I used fishing wire because I wanted the illusion of floating and unless your stood up close, the dreamcatcher really does appear to be defying gravity and magically sitting in mid air, the feathers are so light, that just walking by makes it sway and do a gentle daughter loves it! For less than a fiver, you can’t go wrong can you? It kept me and the kids entertained for an afternoon and with a bit of luck will keep any bad dreams at bay.

Kelly x


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