My VQ MK II Emma Bridgewater Radio £50 off Promotion

Hands up, who’s excited for the Chelsea Flower Show! I watch it every year and I get so inspired by all the garden designs, I love gardening, I love getting my hands dirty and I love all the sounds that being in the garden brings too, the birds, bees, the occasional lawn mower in the garden of a house a few streets away, kids playing in paddling pools..the ice cream van! And not forgetting music

When im pottering in the garden I make sure I have 3 things with me, 1. A cup of Tea 2. Gardening gloves 3. A Radio, heaven knows what the neighbours think when I’m dancing round the garden with a cup of tea in one hand and rocking my trusty oversized 5 year old mucky gardening gloves, you know that phrase ‘Dance like no ones watching’ well that’s me, except they probably are watching and one day I fear there will be a very embarrasing video of me uploaded to facebook!

My new Radio is from the guys over at myVQ , the model I have is The Hepburn MK II DAB Emma Bridgewater Pink Hearts model, there’s no denying how gorgeous it is and I definately gave out a happy squeal when I opened the box, which you will too, trust me! But what does it do, Is the sound quality good? Will it fit in with modern life? Just some of the questions im about to answer.

So first up Appearance, the radio is wrapped with soft printed leatherette and is excellent quality, a large speaker on the front, plus LCD digital display and function buttons on the top, which are really straight forward to use, no complicated user manual to figure out here. The Radio has DAB and FM radio and can be used with batteries(great for the garden if no power supply is available) or a DC power supply(which is included) it has a USB Port which is great for charging/connecting to your devices, wirelessly stream music using the bluetooth function, headphone socket, Alarm clock function with a super handy snooooz button too! You can also have your favourite Radio stations at the touch of a button with 10 presets available.

Clearly the Radio has a lot going for it, but more important than how it looks or the available functions it has, it also has to sound good too, you are promised enhanced clear digital sound and well thats exactly what you get! The speakers really pack a punch and regardless of how loud you crank the volume up the sound quality really dosnt suffer. To sum up you definately can’t go wrong with this radio, you get Style, Quality, great Functionality, amazing sound and now a handy £50.00 of with my code HAWORTHS50 the code is only redeemable against Hepburn Mk II Radios within the Emma Bridgewater range and theres plenty of designs to choose from, the code expires 31st May 2017, click Here for a direct link to the website.

To see all the different retro inspired radios My VQ stock, pop over to their Instagram

Kelly x

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