Firstly thankyou for popping by to my little space on the Internet, my Name is Kelly, I have 4 children, 2 dogs and a DIY loving Hubby, here is where I ramble on about all things home, DIY, Upcycling and affordable design, you will not see ‘designer’ here( well.. unless I get it in the Sale) You will not see the ridiculous, like…sofas with a price tag of £10,000, madness! This blog is not about high end interiors, but neither is it about low end, its about that little area in the middle.

I write about the alternatives to the fancy stuff that the budget just wont stretch too, I write about upcycling a bed into a bench, a stool into a plant stand, wire mesh into a lamp! And how imagination and getting your hands dirty can save £££££. I write about finding the best bargains and the trials of creating a home to be proud of, we live in a Victorian Terraced House in Manchester, with limited budget we have renovated our once bland and uninspiring house into what it is today and with the added pressure of our boistrous children constantly trying to undo all our hard work, its definately been a bumpy but worthwhile ride.

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