PIXERSIZE Boys Room Makeover


So here it is, my boys bedroom makeover, the boys are age 6 and 2, so creating a space that wasn’t too baby themed and at the same time not to grown up was a little tricky and took a little more planning in order to please both boys, I wanted the room to have a Scandinavian feel, I went with a base of white with pops of grey but the room needed a wow feature, my wow came in the form of birch trees which was provided by PIXERSIZE.

The material is known as PIXERStick, the peel and stick will stick to any flat surface, its incredibly durable and resistant to tearing and creasing. It took around half an hour to put the PIXERStick up and to transform a bare wall in such a small amount of time is amazing, it’s easy to apply and regardless of how many times you lift it from the wall and place it back, the ‘Stickiness’ remains the same.

Another great thing about the sticker is that if you’re the type of person who likes to redecorate often…. like me! Then removing the PIXERStick is just as easy as putting it up, you simply peel it off, it will not damage the wall or leave residue behind. My least favourite thing to do is scraping old wallpaper off walls, so for me this is a huge time saver and overall less stressful way to decorate. Say that you decide…you’d like to place the PIXERStick in another location in your home, no problem, the sticker will maintain its adherence and stick just as successfully elsewhere.

The wall measured 3 metres wide and over 3 metres tall, the PIXERStick was delivered in 3 pieces, each piece is numbered and a picture of the sticker is included to help you when fitting, super easy!

To compliment the birch trees, a falling leaf PIXERStick was used on the window, unfortunately the boy’s bedroom doesn’t have the best view, it looks out onto the back of our neighbours houses and looking at these leaves is a far better pleasing alternative, PIXERStick can be used on windows, walls, drawers, glass, laptops a fridge even! pretty much anything with a flat surface and whatever your imagination can dream up, the amount of designs that PIXERSIZE stock is staggering an incredible 30 million to choose from! Cleaning is simple, just wipe over gently with a microfibre cloth. Even though I was working with a room that is very small, the addition of the birch trees has enhanced the space and made it seem larger to the eye, the illusion of the birch trees has added depth and both my boys truly love it! So regardless of the size of your space or project, PIXERSIZE can definately help you create your dream space ♥

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