Repurposed Furniture


Now this is something I do a lot of, I love giving something, unused, unloved, or broken a new lease of life and new its fun! I hate to throw anything away so I always try and find an alternative use for something that has ultimately just lost its sparkle!

The large Bench above was made from an old pine Double bed and 2 dining chairs, the seat of the bench was made from the old bed slats.


This little Childrens bench was made from a single bed and can seat 2 little bottoms, both benches were painted white with Yacht Paint, which as you can imagine is pretty tough stuff and so has withstood the English weather very well. Not only do the old beds look great as benches their also a great conversation starter,┬áthe 2 tables beside the childrens bench are actually stools I have lots of these around the house, they’re far less bulky than regular side tables and can fit into the smallest of areas.


This long sideboard is actually an old Potting Table and was found abandoned in a broken down greenhouse and with a bit of attention a lick of paint and pretty styling its now right at home.

mirror 5

Our Garden Mirror was once a Moroccan Coffee table, the legs and glass surface were removed, a little paint and safety mirror and you’d never know it started life as a table! The console table below now serves as a log store for when we have our little camp fires outside.

Sometimes it can be difficult to look at a piece of furniture and imagine it as something else, I have a few pieces myself stored away that I haven’t yet figured out what to do with, but if I know me some random idea will pop in my head, which will force my Hubby to roll his eyes and get the power tools out!

And when that happens, you lovely lot will be the first to hear about it.


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