How To Remove Ink Stains From Fabric

This is my corner sofa, so fresh, so clean. Enter Husband…ill start with a little back story, so he comes in from work and goes straight to the kitchen sink and starts scrubbing his hands, whats all that on your hand I ask? “Its ink, my bloody pen leaked in my pants pocket, its got everywhere” he replied. Now PAUSE, most people would go ahead and get changed at this point, but no, not my guy. I was so busy rushing around after the kids that I hadnt noticed, that he had sat down on the sofa, shortly after went to the bathroom, then up to the bedroom and then finally to the kitchen, now I dont know this because I followed him around the house like a love sick puppy, no no no, I know this because he left his mark in each and every room, a large dark blue mark to be acurate. Arghh…. Calm down. I began to do a little chant in my head, I love him, I love him, I love him, this repetition was a distraction from the actual thought that was running through my head, you can probably imagine what that was.

So he fessed up straight away to the sofa, and started to reel off all the products that would remove the stain, no problem he said!  There was a problem though because we tried several popular stain removers and all they managed to do was blur the stain and some how make it look what did I do, I turned to my Instagram and asked my very lovely followers for help!! And you fabulous bunch delivered♥ Can you believe it, HAIRSPRAY actually saved the day, I sprayed the area and was told to dab and not rub, honestly I didnt think it would work, I applied the hairspay twice letting the fabric dry inbetween, it actually drew out the Ink and unbelievably there is absolutely no evidence that there was a stain there to begin with…Genius

After 1st application

And after allowing second application to dry

Ta Daaaa, isn’t that amazing! Not only will I be using hairspray for my ‘do’ but ill be stashing some in the cleaning cupboard too, so by spending £1.00 on a tin of this miracle spray, ive potentially saved my hubby several hundred pounds on a replacement sofa. He definately owes you one guys xx


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