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My life may be Chaos at times but at least its organised ;o) Theres so many things going on in my life that my brain, my built in memory bank can only remember a few of them at a time, 4 kids, work, bills,! I need help on a daily basis, while I have a need for organisation, I also have a need for colour

Fun Stationery like this takes me back to when I was a kid when the start of a new school year was looming, I always had the best time getting mum to kit me out with pads and pens and fluffy pencil you remember them? (mine was hot pink, and I loved it!)

The first day back at school was a mass show and tell of all the Stationery goodies we’d talked our parents into, scented erasers, neon pens, colourful notebooks…I tell you, if id rocked up to school with this gorgeous bundle, i’d have been pretty proud!

My school days are now long gone but my obsession with pretty Stationery is still very much with me ♥ Which is why I decided to stock the funnest, prettiest and most colourful ranges on my Oh Homely Girl Shop, prices start from as little as £3.50. I wanted our Stationery lines to reflect the brighter side of life… listing bills, saving dates and the general recording of every day life is not always the funnest of tasks, but jotting it down on a polkadot, pom pom trimmed, colour splashed notebook…somehow makes the whole thing a little easier!



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