Styling A Gallery Wall


I dont think there’s a wrong way to do a gallery wall, its pretty much just a collection of what you love placed together to create a feature, the wackier the better in my eyes, I wanted pops of colour and most of all fun, if a flamingo a pineapple, and a toucan hanging out together isn’t fun then I dont know what is…? Gallery walls don’t have to be restricted to just pictures, you can add far more interest by adding ornaments, plants, books, sculptures whatever, by putting up some ledges or shelves amongst your pictures you add depth and interest and it automatically draws the eye.

I don’t think it needs to make sense either, I mean what do russian dolls have in common with Pineapples? Absolutely nothing! Yet it still works ♥

The cactus wall as I have decided to call it, is such a simple idea but really effective, coloured pots and different shaped cacti, is living art and all the more beautiful for it and you know what, it was really inexpensive to create too, the ledges and cactus pots which are sold in sets of 3 were from Ikea.


Mini plants are too cute and there’s so many different ways to display them, whether it be on ledges, shelves, tables, little iron houses or alternatively Ikea Candle sticks

Candlesticks are probaby not the most traditional way to display your plants, but I like it.  All the prints and Gold frames were from Desenio, the prints are of very good quality and the frames likewise, I was thrilled when they arrived. Make Sure to check out their website it has some of the most imaginative artwork, aswell as some gorgeous typography

Kelly ♥



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