Surprise Inside Christmas Jar


So this Jar hides a little secret, apart from the obvious Skittles!..This is a cute idea for them times at Christmas when you have no idea what to get your teenage Niece or Nephew, or you have Secret Santa at work, maybe you want to send a little gift to the teacher at your kiddies school or you simply want to give someone a little something without spending too much money and hey they get the added bonus of some sweets too.

All you need is an old food jar, fabric cut into circles, twine,Tags, sweeties and an empty loo roll..yes a loo roll!


Pop your loo roll into the middle of the Jar then fill around it with your sweeties, thats it! Easy Peasy


Of course it dosnt have to be money you hide, it could be makeup, jewellery, nail varnish


Now wont the person you gifted it to, be sooo Surprised to find more than just sweets in the jar.

Why not give it a try



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