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The hubby and I have made a decision to address a problem that im sure most people have, the mortgage! I can remember the day my letter came through from the bank declaring “Congratulations you’ve been approved” I was so so excited about owning my own home, In my head I had decorated and furnished the place long before the keys were in my hand, the day I collected my keys I had actual butterflies in my tummy, my god, we were going to move into our very own house, no landlord saying…No dogs, No decorating, I absolutely will turn up and spot check the house without any prior notice, No putting nails in the wall, oh and if any problem occurs with damp, leaks and lack of heating…then I will take my own sweet a** time in getting it fixed!!

I felt free, I had no boss, no parents rules, no landlord, just me and the hubby, we got to make decisions that we were unable to make before, we got a dog, we talked for hours about how we were going to make the house beautiful, going to B & Q became the highlight of my weekend. The fact that you now have a ridiculously large amount of debt for the next 25 years of your life, somehow seems to linger in the background of your brain…you know, way back behind the cushions, sofas, wardrobes and that adorable wool throw that you had to have, but hardly ever use anymore!

A mortgage is a wonderful thing, it allows you to realise your dreams of independance, building a family and providing that family with a secure and beautiful home. But its also a heavy burden and a weight around your neck, no matter how you dress it up, a mortgage is ultimately a debt and probably the largest one you’ll ever acquire. We are 10 years into our mortgage and with 15 years remaining , we decided to take control and rid ourselves of it as soon as financially possible.

So after a long chat we have decided to pretty much double our mortgage payments, I figure that while were still young and healthy, we should make some sacrifices now rather than later in order to ensure a better financial future. Sounds good in theory dosnt it? But however hard you wish it, this extra money wont just magically appear.

I am a natural list maker, box ticker and chart creator, I actually enjoy it! So I armed myself with some essentials to get me started, I am a pen and paper kinda gal( Yes I know Im a blogger) I didnt get any specific software, I got these, to get me started.

 This Monthly Bill Organiser was bought of Amazon click here, it has everything you need to keep your finances in check and I always have it to hand

 There are sections for monthy outgoings and a weekly calendar for day to day expenses that usually just get forgotten

When its all wrote down in black and white, things just seem to become clearer, your mistakes and unnecessary spending start to jump of the page, this fab book is an amazing budget planner and its going to be a big help on realising our dream of being mortgage free

I am the worst when it comes to food shopping, im a, oooh ill try that or, oh look, these are on sale lets get 10!! Its madness, im also guilty of throwing out food, either because 1. I forgot I bought it or 2. It went out of date.

This meal planner by Busy B allows me to make a weekly menu, shop for it and fingers crossed pre planning meals will help the family to become less wasteful with food. I know I can save hundreds of ££ every year by just keeping a close eye on the food shop.

Now im not going to start knitting my own clothes or re using teabags lol. But I do know that little changes can and do make a big difference, my aim is to be mortgage free within 6 years , its an optimistic goal, but im sure we can do it.


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