Teenage boys bedroom

Ah the horror that is a teenage boys room, babies, pre schoolers little girls who love princesses, little boys who love dinosaurs are all relatively easy to decorate for. Teenage boys… not so much! They want Rappers pinned to their walls, movie posters, or some god awful mad graffiti that hurts your eyes!! But no matter how much he begged for biggie smalls or 2 pac , I convinced him that im sure we could come up with something that wouldnt de-value my home ;0) and something I know he could be proud of.

He quite liked the idea of black, I didnt..so we settled on a dark grey, I know he loves Cars, Motorbikes and boxing, in particular Mohammed Ali. Great, I had lots to work with, but I know my son, he likes simple, understated and low key, forget the cushions and other fluff he’s just not interested.

He did say “Dont put any plants in my room mum”  I snook a little one in, a little greenery never hurt anyone. As it turns out, he likes it, lets see how long he can keep it alive

All the walls in the room were painted white except the wall surrounding the window, I used cool slate by colours at B&Q, the duvet cover and lamp were from Argos, the white side table with drawer was from Ikea, this room is so restricted on space so I used a white bar stool for the other side of the bed, a great spot for the hot chocolate he loves so much

I then just added some prints of his favourite things and It tied the whole thing togethor, I managed to get the room done while he was at work , he came home to a brand new space and he absolutely loves it! I got a “wow mum” I’ll take that!


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