The Deal with Teal

Following on from my previous post and the reinvention of the dining area I thought id show you all the update on my upcycled dining room table, I wanted to introduce lots of different colours into this room, its the area where all the kiddies congregate (I think mainly because its right next to the kitchen.. so easily accessible to the cookie jar!)but for this reason I want it to be a little more fun and less grown up than than the main living room. Teal is cheerful yet calming and with the white walls as a background it really stands out, its also a far more practical colour than the white I had originally painted the legs, spills and splatters will obviously still be cleaned off, but at least the colour will temporarily disguise the madness that is dinner time.

The shade I went for is Teal by Rustol-eum, great coverage and a very true reflection of the colour on the tin, the colour is quite sharp and is enhanced when you apply clear furniture finishing wax over the top, again by Rust-oleum. This room is still a work in progress and one project i’ve got going on right now is a Danish coffee table, which is a bit of an upcycle nightmare, with years of sticky red varnish that is clinging on for dear life its really testing me!

However i’ll soldier on and post a before and after update soon

Kelly x

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