Tunnocks Tea Cake Christmas Pudding


Ok, I said it, The C word, yes I know its only October, but im a bit of a Christmas Nut and I always start my preparations super early, I start morphing into Mama Claus about this time and eagerly await the end of November when its generally understood that its ok to start talking obsessively about it. And hey its only 80 sleeps till the big man arrives!

So ive been making Christmas pudding lookalikies, super easy and no baking involved.

Your going to need;

Chocolate biscuits

Tunnock Teacakes

Royal Icing

Red and Green fondant icing

Holly Leaf cutter

When you make your royal icing, be sure to make it as thick as possible, too runny and it will just drip down the sides, if you prefer you can buy Royal icing ready made from tesco and if you find that one a little too thick, just add a little water and mix it in.


When putting the icing on the tea cake, a little goes a long way, dribble a circle shape on the top of your cake, then tip the tea cake back and forth to encourage the icing to create that drippy effect..as soon as you have your desired drip look, pop it in the fridge, this will help to stop the drips continuing down the cake.

When icing the chocolate biscuit, first create your drip line, like so…


Then just fill the empty space above with your icing. You could use a piping bag for more precision, but i just used the tip of a spoon, works great

For the holly leaves, I used a holly plunge cutter, these can be bought cheeply off Ebay mine was £2.00 and the berrys were just hand rolled by me.


So there you have it, they look amazing and by the way, they taste amazing too!

If you decide to give it a go, dont forget to tag me on Instagram, id love to see it


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