Upcycled Danish Retro Drawers

Good morning all, a little update on what ive been upto this week, Ive been upcycling my little heart out! We, or should I say ‘I’ have become a little bored of our dining/living room area so ive decided to freshen it up and change pretty much everything about it. Ive always loved retro furniture, particularly Danish designed pieces, I managed to pick up some preloved mid century drawers for the knock out price of £30! The shape and style was exactly what I was after and after some searching I found this lovely set

Unless you’ve been living on the moon you’ve probably noticed that pale pink or blush is everywhere at the minute, Ive always been about pink and its pretty handy that I can go into most shops and get my pink hit if I want it, cushions, blankets, ceramics and even furniture, while trinkets and cushions etc are reasonably affordable, furniture is comparably not! So I did what I always do when I hit the ‘Jesus im not paying that’ wall…I try and create my own version. I was so lucky, they were in amazing condition and had only one lady owner, who clearly took really good care of them, I knew I wanted pale pink with gold handles but I didn’t want to spend too much on paint and go too deep into the budget, I am usually a Farrow and Ball paint kinda girl, but I thought id try a new brand and save some pennys ….and folks its amazing, super fast drying time and outstanding coverage, I only had to apply 2 coats, whats great also is that it was only £17.00 for the tin, I went with Rusto-leum Pink Champagne Satin Furniture paint and finished with Rusto-leum Clear Finishing Wax if you love upcycling I definately recommend this product.

The handles were tricky, as they couldn’t be removed without damaging the drawers, so I had to hand paint them very carefully with gold metallic paint, I used masking tape 10cm up each leg and again went in with the gold to create that dipped leg effect, I think the finished piece is really striking and im so glad I took the time to create it, its my little slice of the fifties and I love it ♥

Ive lots of other projects in the works and will be updating the blog as and when there completed, we are currently getting the dining/living area emptied for all the new furniture and decoration so I hope to be showing you all the new look soon

Kelly x

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