Upcycled Retro Danish Coffee Table

As promised here is my latest project, it took a lot of time and elbow grease to turn this table around, it had years and years of reddish varnish layered on, my good old electric sander failed at the task and just resulted in a sticky mess, so we resorted to the heat gun, I say we, but in truth my hubby tackled it, for some reason he didn’t trust me to do it, because apparently I lack patience and 3rd degree burns are not an attractive look!

When at last all the varnish was removed, it was time to sand the top, but due to the english weather and the relentless rain, I indeed had to.. against my will may I add, execute some patience! I don’t have a garage or shelter of any kind outside so waiting for some dry weather was my only option, 8 days that table mocked me for, now 8 days dosn’t seem like a long time, but when I have my paint and furniture wax just itching to be used it really started to irritate me.

So on day 9 the sun made an appearance, the table sanded like a dream and its lovely grain started to show, I cleaned it up and applied 2 coats of clear furniture wax on the top by Rustolem, here’s what it looked like before

On the legs I applied undercoat and then pink champagne furniture paint by Rustoleum. So happy with how it turned out

Kelly x



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