Wire Mannequin Planter Tutorial

This is our Pink Lady, aint she pretty!


I thought id write a short tuturial detailing how I gave her a pretty pink skirt.

Here is how I did it

So here she is looking quite naked

***ignore the chicken wire inside I removed that***

Your going to need

Coconut liner roll

Black polythene roll or like me use Binliners

Zip ties

And finally

Compost & pretty flowers, I went with trailing plants Petunias and Lobelia, You really want trailing plants with a planter like this to get full coverage

So first off your going to line the base of your Mannequin.The coconut liner roll cost only £2.00 I got mine from Homebargains, but it can be bought from any garden centre.

 So roughly measure the base of your ladys skirt adding a couple of inches more than you need ( we want to create a kind of bowl effect at the base), cut a large circle out and push into place.
Now we want to line the entire inside of the mannequin…I used bin liners because thats all I had handy but polythene liner I imagine is much easier, so get your liner and start lining the inside of the skirt, keep it all in place by using cable ties at the bottom and top of the skirt , you want to have a tight snug fit ** Make sure the coconut base is not visible..you want it to remain inside the black liner**

Do not polythene line underneath the coconut base its not neccesary the water will need to drain freely when watering.

 Next up Compost, this really is a labour of love, I filled from the top through the chest area, it will take time but I promise its worth it.
 So once thats all done the fun bit starts….planting.

Get your plants ready and decide whats going where, you then need to use scissors to poke a hole big enough to squeeze the base of your plant into that area.

 It should look something like this

 When watering a planter like this, I water till I can see a free flow of water coming out of the bottom, but even then ive found the plants near the top of the mannequin were thriving more than the bottom ones. So aswell as watering from the top I have been individually watering the bottom plants too.
If any of you lovely readers do decide to do your own Mannequin planter, please send me a picture id love to see your creations.

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