How to Grow Garlic

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My garlic growing story started with a supermarket Garlic bulb *Every seed seller will tell you, never grow from Supermarket bulbs, buy from a reputable seller whom can guarantee disease and virus free bulbs…That’s fine, but I figure if its safe enough to eat garlic from a supermarket, surely its safe enough to grow from one? Years later and countless harvests later, my solitary supermarket bulb has yielded hundreds of cloves and flavoured many meals. After every Garlic harvest I hold back a handful of cloves to grow from. Here’s how I do it….

In Autumn I Select the largest cloves from my harvest and rub any flaky skin away. I then cut the top point off each clove, this is so the green shoots can grow easily. I then place the cloves, cut side up in around 2 cm of water (just enough so the bottom of the clove is submerged) I then place them on a windowsill and wait.

After roughly 4 days or sooner you should begin to see little white roots form at the bottom of each clove, within the week green shoots will appear.

When the shoots are at least 2 cm in length, plant them out with the foliage above soil level. And that’s it, leave them to grow, harvest mid Summer-Early Autumn.

Young Garlic Shoots

This years Garlic Harvest

Freshly harvested Garlic drying out

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