How to grow Peppers

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Growing Peppers needn’t be difficult. I grow all of mine from seed and without the help of any fancy uv lighting, never say never, but for now, with the energy crisis, I feel no need to add to the electric bill. To get started, all you need is a warm windowsill, pots, seeds, water and a propagator lid or cling wrap.

Sow Pepper seeds Mid February-early March, indoors 8-10 weeks before your last frost date. Sow in trays filled with moist, good quality compost, cover with cling wrap or a propagator lid. Pop on a sunny warm windowsill and wait. Seedlings should emerge within 2 weeks.

Once large enough to handle prick out and pot on, into larger pots.

Pricking out, is simply the process of separating seedlings growing together and repotting them in individual pots or modules. Tip* Lift seedlings by the leaf, not by the stem.

Pricking out

When the Pepper plants are at least 8 inches tall I pinch off the growing tip. This encourages the plant to branch out. More branches=more flowers=more fruit. See below for the branching habit 5 days later

Remove the growing tip

Here you can see all the new growth, pinching makes for a bushier higher yielding plant.

All these plants have been pinched. You can see the foliage is much denser and bushier, less sparse than they would be normally.

My wall of Peppers

I grow my peppers in the greenhouse in 17cm coir pots. I find peppers to be quite thirsty, so water often, but don’t drown, coir pots are a fabulous remedy for good drainage.

How fabulous are they!?

Topepo peppers

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