How to grow Spring Onions

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Lilia Spring Onions

I grow my spring onions in clumps. I sow 10 seeds per module then plant out once they are a couple of inches tall. Spring onions have a very shallow root system, which is why they can tolerate group planting without detriment to growth. Planting in clumps also maximises on space, why grow one in a space where you can grow 10?

Spring Onions take as little as 8 weeks from seed to harvest. A quick crop, easy to grow, high yields…a perfect starter vegetable if your new to growing your own food. They are also a fantastic filler crop, they take up such little space, you can squeeze them in-between other slower growing vegetables. Sow 1cm deep March – August at 3 weekly intervals for a steady supply. For an early Spring crop, sow seeds in September and overwinter in a greenhouse or under cloche( I find Lisbon spring onions are the best for overwintering)

Which Spring Onion Variety to grow?

I have a couple of favourites. White Lisbon is the most traditional and popular variety to grow, with long white stems and bright green tops and silvery white skin, the Lisbon is a perfect, easy to grow salad onion. It has a delicious, mild onion flavour when young and takes on a slightly pungent taste as it matures.

White Lisbon Spring Onions
White Lisbon Growing in groups

Lilia Spring Onions. With their beautiful shiny rich red bulb and slender green leaves, this Italian variety, has an intense pungent flavour, perfect for summer salads. Easy to grow, a quick crop spring onion.

Lilia Spring Onions
Lilia growing in groups

Soil & water requirements

I find Spring onions to be pretty fuss free. However, I like to start them off in modules, in a good quality all purpose compost. Then plant them out in a well drained ground, be careful not to overwater, a water logged soil can lead to rot.

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