How To Create A Cottage Core Garden!

Lets embrace the rustic and rugged beauty of nature and follow the cottage core aesthetic! Here are a few informal garden ideas that will create an intimate and relaxing space for gardeners and nature lovers alike….

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What Is Cottage Core?

Cottage core is a term used on Social media that first became popular during Lockdown. It is an admiration for the old-fashioned rural life- all things cottage! What does that entail? In summary it means- crafts, homebaking, rustic unpolished living and self sufficiency….Its right up my street!

I like to think of Cottage core as a step back in time, it is a revival of all the things that were eventually replaced by modern conveniences. Its all about Knitting your own Blankets, baking your own bread, growing your own food, basically DIYing your best life! Indoors and outdoors..

What Is A Cottage Core Garden?

For a Cottage Core garden aesthetic we’re looking for a few simple elements- think charming, romantic, soft yet rustic, the mixing of old and new. But mostly think imperfect! Think flawed! We dont want clean edges and pristine beds, we want the haphazard charm of a wild cottage garden, in summary we want nature to do its thing! With minimal interference from us!

You know the best thing about the cottage core aesthetic? Its kind on the purse! It can be acheived with second hand buys, repurposing, recycling and upcycling. Throw some old and new together and you can create something straight out of a fairytale!

cottage core garden
My Potting Shed Made from Old doors

How I Embrace the Cottage Core Trend

In truth i’ve been cottage coring long before cottage core was a thing! I definitely practice what I preach, inside my home and outside, todays post is focused on my Allotment….

Allotment Seating Areas

At the Allotment I have 4 seating areas…that sounds ridiculous doesnt it?! Why on earth does a person require 4 seating areas at an allotment- Don’t I do any work?! ;o)

I should explain, 1. Im not the only member of my family who goes to the allotment, my kids and hubby spend time there too, it saves them sitting in the dirt ;o) 2. Each seating area has a specific purpose and 3. The allotment Cat likes a little variety when choosing where to nap.

1. The Growhouse

The Seating area in the Greenhouse consists of 2 bentwood chairs and a pedestal Table, both of which were off Facebook marketplace. The table was actually free, it was sanded, waxed and repainted and given back some of its rustic charm.

greenhouse interior

cottage core garden
My Wall of Peppers

The Greenhouse seating area is where I sow seeds, repot plants and Admire my tomatoes! Its also the spot where my Hubby eats his Bacon Sandwiches every Sunday Morning!

Everything in the Growhouse is DIY’d to some dergree take a look at My Greenhouse makeover post for for more Info.

cottage core garden ideas
Chamomile Harvest

This is my son Leo’s little chair, it also doubles as a harvest horse!

2. Tea For two

When the sun is shining, I sit here! Cocooned by my raspberry plants, pots and flowers…it is heaven!! The London Rose 2-seater metal bistro set – isn’t it classy?!! Is absolutely perfect for this spot, I very often lose track of time here! I can sit back and admire the Allotment garden, sip tea, sort through my harvests and even reach back and grab a handful of raspberries! I’m heading straight to this very spot as soon as I finish writing this post!

Cottage core garden ideas
My Sit back and eat all the Rasberries spot! (Lazy Susan Bistro set)

This Tea for 2 area is connected to the side of the potting shed, we lined and covered the floor with pebbles and built a crude shelving structure for storing pots and plants, there really was no finesse to the structural part of this space ! Just some old decking boards and fence posts screwed together! -Creating height and interest in what was once an unused area of the plot. See My vertical gardening post for more ideas

The sideboard was a freebie of Facebook, I didnt do a thing with it, I just allowed nature to take over! The paint peeled and the bugs moved in and it still looks fabulous!

vintage inspired bistro table set
Summer Harvests

Homegrown Gladioli

3. Potting Shed

This is where I mostly tend to the baby plants. As you can see… there is a lot of them! I like to sit down for this part!

The potting shed mostly houses Biennials and Perennials for next years garden.

cottage core garden

The old farmhouse tall chair was another second-hand bargain buy off facebook marketplace. For more pictures of the potting shed and Building info read my Potting Shed made from old doors post

Ok, im gonna include the potting shed loo, its technically a Seat! I know not many people have an off grid loo in their potting shed…but its better than the kids whizzing behind the cherry tree!

Again the offgrid bathroom was a DIY project more details can be found on the potting shed post

4. Potting Shelter/Drying shelter

Originally built from the broken remains of an old shed, see my potting shelter post . This space not only provides a space to potter but also turned out to be a very handy structure for drying my Garlic, Onions and Herbs

potting shelter

Its also an incredibly useful spot in the event of a sudden downpour! -An open air shelter where I can take a seat, keep dry and still admire the Cabbage patch!

The Allotment

My happy Place! Below are several pictures of my Cottage Core inspired Allotment Garden where I grow Food, Flowers and Healing herbs. I hope it serves as a little inspiration for your outdoor space…

Greenhouse ideas
My Upcycled Greenhouse

cottage core garden ideas
DIY Arch from tree branches

DIY shed
Foxglove Heaven!

View from the Kale Bed

Foxgloves and Lupins

Celery and Turnips!

Tomatoes and Calendula

Nearing The End of season

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