How To Get Rid Of Aphids – Make your own 3 Ingredient Garlic Spray!

Are Aphids doing a number on your plants? Are you finding clusters of the little terrors on your Roses or Lupins? I have just the thing for you! This Homemade inexpensive Garlic spray is super easy to make and most importantly…super effective! Here’s how I make it…

How to make Garlic spray

Little Sap Suckers!

Now, let’s start by saying, i’m all for ‘live and let live!’ I generally like to let nature do its thing, if the odd slug or snail gets a lettuce seedling or 2…it’s no big deal-I always have spares. If birds help themselves to the cherry tree…fine, I have more than enough to go around! I have a… ‘let’s all live happily together’ mantra…but Aphids seemed to have missed that memo!

Aphids are good for one thing, and that is….Sucking the sap from your plants!

Why is that bad? I’ll explain…The sap sucking can cause the plant to suffer and lack vigour, it may distort growth and can cause the plant to excrete a sticky substance called honeydew. Honeydew in turn offers the perfect environment for sooty moulds to grow! Aphids are also skilled disease carriers, transmitting Viruses plant to plant….aren’t they a Joy!

How to get rid of aphids

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Why Garlic?

We mostly think of Garlic for its culinary purposes…I mean take my Creamy Garlic Mushrooms and Onion Heart Cheesy Garlic Bread for instance, they’d be pretty bland without it! But did you know? That Garlic is also a wonderful non toxic pest repellent too, thanks to its sulphurous compounds!

For example, simply companion planting garlic alongside, beetroot, carrots, cabbages, potatoes, Aubergines, tomatoes, Peppers, broccoli and Cauliflower, acts as a repellent, discouraging predators from attacking your Crops. This intercropping method is a wonderful way to naturally control pest invasions!

So How does the spray work? It’s the same theory…just in liquid form! By infusing Garlic in Water, the same sulphurous compounds can do their work -but in an alternative way, not from the ground, but from above and directly!

When garlic spray is applied to the plant it absorbs the scent and the beneficial compounds of the garlic. This repels the pests and allows the plant to maintain an unappealing environment that harmful bugs will not want to occupy!

Which Pests Does Garlic Spray Work With

So many! Garlic spray will repel most crawling or flying bugs. It is most useful against Aphids, Ants, Mosquitos, mites, caterpillars, Slugs, whiteflies, beetles and flies. *Though it will not dissuade burrowing insects.

What You’ll Need To Make Homemade Garlic Spray

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3 options- Food Processor or a Pestle and Mortar Or A Mixing Bowl


Sieve or Muslin Cloth

Spray Bottle

How To Make Garlic Spray For Pests

Ready to gain back control of your plants!? All you need is 3 Ingredients for my garlic spray recipe! And you probably already have them at home!


Food Processor Method

  • Peel all of the Cloves from the garlic head and place them in a Food processor
  • Add 1/3 of the water ( 300mls) and whizz until the garlic is pureed
  • Add The Rest Of the water and the Washing up liquid (or liquid soap) and whizz again for a few seconds
  • Transfer to a bowl or jar, cover and allow to steep overnight
  • The following morning, strain the liquid using a muslin cloth or sieve (separating any garlic bits from the liquid)
  • Pour into a spray bottle and store in a cool place

how to get rid of aphids

Pestle and Mortar or Bowl Method

  • If you don’t have a food processor- Peel all of the Cloves from the garlic head and chop them up, place them in a bowl and crush with the back of a spoon or with a Pestle
  • Add the water and stir
  • Add the washing up liquid and stir again for a few seconds
  • Transfer to a bowl or Jar, cover and allow to steep overnight
  • The following morning, strain the liquid through a muslin cloth or sieve (separating any garlic bits from the liquid)
  • Pour into a spray bottle and store in a cool place

how to get rid of Aphids
Coir Products pestle and Mortar

How To Use Garlic Spray

Prevention– To apply the garlic spray, hold the spray about 15-30 cm away from the foliage, spray stalks and leaves (underside too) spray your plants once a week or twice a week if Rain has been frequent.

Already Infested?– Spray directly onto the affected parts of the plant, you will see the bugs scatter! and begin to slip off the plant! Continue spraying the whole plant once or twice a week thereafter

How to get rid of Aphids
My Climbing Roses getting the garlic spray treatment… Watch them Scramble!

Can You Use Garlic Spray On Vegetable Crops?

Yes! But be mindful that garlic spray is a broad spectrum pest spray, so you don’t want to harm any beneficial insects! So only apply Garlic spray to affected areas. *Also, don’t spray too close to harvest time, unless you want your lettuce tasting garlicky! As always wash homegrown Fruit and Vegetables thoroughly before eating.

How to get rid of Aphids
Tadaaa!! Aphid Free!

How Long Will Garlic Spray Keep?

It’s good for around 6 months. In the UK it will last you the whole of the growing season. You’ll want to make a fresh batch every Spring

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