How to Grow and Make Calendula Tea

It is so easy to Grow and Make your own Calendula Tea! Learn how to Sow, Grow and Harvest Calendula flowers for a Natural Healing Tea. Turn this sunny flower into a medicinal marvel! Fantastic for Sore throats and Oral Health. Use topically for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, great for healing sores, skin inflammation and rashes.

Calendula tea

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I just LOVE Calendula flowers! I grow them by the bucket load every year! I will never bore of their sunshiny blooms, they always raise a smile even on the dullest of days. I have them all over my house, dotted here and there in old jam jars and vases, I know Spring has arrived when these beauties show up!

Calendula flowers tea

Calendula Flower History

Calendula, commonly known as “Pot Marigold,” is a native of Europe and was given the name Calendula’ by the Romans because the plant bloomed on the first day “calends” of every month. Over the Centuries Calendula has been used in many different ways by different cultures.

Dried Calendula Tea
  • The Romans and Greeks mainly used it as a culinary garnish (every part of the flower is edible)
  • The Ancient Egyptians used calendula to rejuvenate their skin
  • In Ancient India, Calendula flowers would be strung into Garlands for Wedding Celebrations and Religious Rituals (a tradition that is still practised today)

Folklore Calendula Magic

We all need a little extra Magic in our lives don’t we?

  • Considered a magical herb of prosperity and wealth. Placing Calendula by your door is said to attract Money and Happiness and offer protection from robbers and thieves.
  • It was believed that Burning Calendula flowers would allow the person to remove the veil of death and communicate with spirits.
  • Carrying a Calendula flower in your pocket would ensure you found your perfect match and secure a happy marriage.
Greenhouse interior
Calendula Lining the beds in The Growhouse

How To Grow Calendula

Calendula is fairly fuss free and grows easily from seed. Direct sow early Spring in a full sun or partially shaded spot. Or, start off indoors in modules, on a warm windowsill in early spring, plant out after risk of frost has passed.

Self seeding

Calendula will reliably self seed, giving you blooms year after year. *Very prolific if left to its own devices, so if you want a small Patch of Calendula instead of a large patch, be mindful to deadhead before the seeds drop.

Calendula Seed Harvesting

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You only need to buy ‘Oopsie Daisy’ Calendula seeds once! It is so easy to collect and harvest your own seeds. Here is how I Harvest Calendula seeds.

  • Step 1- Sit back and enjoy the Flowers!
  • Step 2- Let the flowers die back
  • Step 3- Wait until the flower heads turn brown, dry and rigid
  • Step 4- Grab a handful! I simply pull the entire head off and let the flower head fall apart in my hands. The weird looking curls with the bumpy backs are the seeds. Store and sow the following Spring (Collect the seeds around Mid September, UK)

Calendula Flowers Vase Life

For a longer lasting Calendula Display, pick the flowers when they are half open. Vase life, 7-10 days.

How To Prepare Calendula flowers for Tea

To make Calendula Tea, dry the flower heads thoroughly. Do this by drying them flat on brown paper or newspaper, away from direct sunlight, or pop them in a dehydrator. When the flowers are dry and crispy in texture, store them away for tea.

How to make a Cup of Calendula Tea

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Steep 1 tsp of flower heads in hot water, for around 5 minutes. Use a Tea Ball, Tea Strainer or Teapot with an Infuser. Serve while Warm

What does Calendula Tea Taste Like?

Calendula tea has an Earthy, slightly bitter taste, add a little Honey for a drop of sweetness!

What are the Benefits of Calendula Tea?

There are Many! Lets start with the Internal Benefits.

When Drank

  • Can Help with Digestion
  • Can Be Used as a mild Laxative
  • Can Help ease ‘Ladies Complaints’
  • Can help Ease headaches, nausea, sore throats and vomiting

When Gargled as a Mouth Wash

  • Can help with Oral health, easing Gingivitis, Inflamed Gums and Mouth Ulcers

External Benefits

Make the tea as above but instead of drinking it, use cooled tea to alleviate numerous skin challenges. Useful in treating insect bites, skin rashes and cuts and grazes. Simply dip a clean cloth in the tea and dab on the affected area of skin.

How long will Calendula Tea Keep

Store dried Calendula flowers in an airtight Container and use within 1 year. Keep at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.

Did you Make your Own Calendula tea? Let me know in the comments below. Did you take a picture? Great! Tag me on Instagram I love to share your pics on my Stories

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