How to Grow Clematis Montana And 8 Wonderful Reasons To grow It In Your Garden!

Let’s talk about Clematis Montana! A gorgeous Perennial fast climber that I cannot get enough of! I grow it on my fences, the front wall of my house, it’s my alarm clock for Spring!…its fabulous and I love it! Read on to see how I grow and take care of mine…

how to grow clematis montana
Clematis Montana Elizabeth

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A Vigorous Grower !

There is an old saying about the growth habit of Clematis…“The first year they sleep, the second year they creep, and the third year they leap.” I would say that was pretty accurate! In 3 short Years Clematis Montana had already Covered Half my house, wound its way through 10 metres of garden railings and tumbled effortlessly over my fences.

If you are looking for some quick and beautiful Coverage, Clematis Montana is the way to go! This wonderful climbing plant can grow to heights of 12 metres! averaging over 1 metre of growth per year…MORE if the conditions are right!

how to grow clematis montana
Clematis Montana Elizabeth

Does Clematis Montana Self Cling?

No it does not! Which is one of the Reasons I chose it for the front of my house. This plant will not penetrate mortar or do any damage to the brickwork of your home. Provide the plant with a sturdy trellis to climb, or fix galvanised wire to your house, like I did.

Clematis Montana Growing on a house
My Apple Tree and Clematis Montana Elizabeth Climbing The House

Is Clematis Montana Evergreen And How long do Clematis flowers bloom for?

No Clematis Montana is not evergreen, it will die down over winter and re-emerge the following Spring. New green leaves begin to appear early March, with a carpet of flowers arriving in May /June and if your lucky once again in Summer. Each wave of flowers will last around 4 weeks. The plant will begin to die back by November. You have a long period of green, and around 3 months where the plant is ‘sleeping’

how to grow clematis montana
Clematis Montana Elizabeth

Clematis Montana Characteristics

Clematis Montana has twining vines with a trailing/cascading habit. Leaves first emerge with a bronze or purple hue, later turning dark green. The Flowers are Star-shaped, and may be single, semi-double, or double, they are mostly Pink or White. The flowers generally bloom in two waves, first in Spring, on the previous years growth and once again in Late Summer on the current years growth

What Do Clematis Montana Flowers Smell Like ?

Ooh are you in for a treat! The cheerful Pink or white Blossoms of Clematis Montana have a delightful Almondy, Vanilla Scent. A delicate but dreamy fragrance that fills the air as you walk by them…My front Garden is filled with this scent in spring, it is the most beautiful welcome home and it always makes me smile as I open my front door!

Is Clematis Montana Difficult to grow and Maintain?

Nope! Plant it, provide it with something to Climb and watch the magic happen! Clematis Montana does not need regular pruning to thrive. However, if you feel the plant is getting too large or unruly, cut it back after flowering in Spring.

8 Wonderful Reasons to Plant Clematis Montana in Your Garden

Not sold Yet? Let me help you out! Not just a looker, this fabulous plant has many benefits…

1. A Beacon for Bees and Butterflies! They absolutely Love the Showy flowers of Clematis

2. A wonderful Companion Plant for Wisteria, Roses, Honeysuckle and other Clematis Varieties

3. A vigorous and sprawling grower, Covering unsightly walls and fences in record time

4. Perfect for growing up trees without damaging the bark

5. Pretty much maintenance free!

6. It will grow equally well in Full Sun and Partial Shade

7. Smells Incredible! Almondy Vanilla Heaven!

8. Impressive and pretty– I often have people stop and stare at the Clematis on my house and fence! (*One person even knocked on my door once to ask me about it!)

how to grow clematis montana
Clematis Montana Elizabeth on the Garden Railings

So let’s get Started! How Do You Grow Clematis Montana ?

I am currently Growing 2 Varieties of Clematis Montana, both are fabulous!…

Buy Clematis Montana Elizabeth -Clematis Montana Elizabeth produces pink, almond scented blooms from late spring into summer.

Buy Clematis Montana Mayleen -An early flowering, deciduous climber, with divided, green leaves. Bears a profusion of single, mid-pink, flowers

When should you plant Clematis Montana ?

The best time to plant Clematis Montana is in Spring or early to mid-autumn. At these times the soil in the ground is warm and moist, providing the perfect environment for the Clematis to establish a healthy root system.

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Can you grow Clematis Montana in a pot/container?

I do! I have some planted in the ground and one in an extra large pot (* I have mine in a large 76 litre flexi tub) My pot grown clematis is currently 5 metres tall! I treat it to a top dressing of fresh compost every year.

Clematis Mayleen growing in a Container Pot

Where To plant Clematis Montana?

Great news! Clematis Montana will grow well in a Full sun position or partial shade. Though a warning – Try not to choose a spot that’s too shaded, you will get more blooms with a little sunshine! Remember, Clematis Montana needs something to Climb, it is not self clinging. So provide a structure, Arch, trellis or fence to support it.

*Top Tip For Planting Clematis Montana

Climbing Clematis need their roots to be kept cool, dark and moist, so plant other plants around the the base of the plant. Or shade with potted plants

Water and Fertiliser Requirements

Regular watering, more so during periods of drought is required…But, Clematis Montana dont like soggy roots-so go easy! An annual treat of a slow-release fertiliser is helpful too for that extra boost!

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