How to grow Red Giant Mustard from Seed

Giant by name Giant by nature! Growing Red Giant Mustard from seed is really quite easy, follow the steps below for a successful crop. These beautiful plants put on quite the show, their large red veined leaves can grow of up to 40cm in length and 12-15 cm in width! Gorgeous vibrant leaves that can be eaten raw or cooked. Here’s how I grow mine…

Red Giant Mustard Plant

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What is Red Giant Mustard

Mustard greens have been consumed by mankind for as many as 5000 years! The Red Giant, is Chinese in origin but eventually naturalised in Japan and soon became a commonly grown food stock there, it soon found its way to Europe…and here we are-From Japan to Lancashire! I have a bunch growing happily on my Allotment.

What does Red Giant Mustard taste like?

The leaves have a punchy mustard flavour, the intensity of that flavour depends on when you pick it. When fully mature the Red Mustard leaves have a more robust, bold flavour. When harvested young they have a much milder sweet mustardy flavour.

How do you eat it ?

Raw, wilted, sautéed, steamed, baked. I eat them in salads, noodles, alongside fried rice. You can also bake them, check out my Crispy Kale recipe, substitute the Kale for Mustard leaves…delicious!

What are the Health Benefits?

Mustard greens are crammed with healthy vitamins and minerals, there are even studies that suggest a portion of Mustard greens a day may help reduce the loss of mental function by 40%!

What else?

  • Vitamin A & C which helps to support eye health & aids the body to flush harmful toxins, cleansing the system by the virtue of its antioxidant properties.
  • Vitamin K helps reduce the risk of colon, stomach, nasal and oral cancers.
  • Vitamin B-carotene, helpful in reducing the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases.

Its a keeper! Definitely one I’ll grow every year.

How to Grow Red Giant Mustard

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Sow seeds in modules or direct from early Spring-Autumn 1/4 Inch deep, every 2-4 weeks for a continual harvest. Germination occurs within 7-14 days.

Giant Red Mustard seedlings


Thin out/plant out seedlings to 6 inches apart, plant in rows 18 inches apart. Mustard greens like a full sun location. Plants will reach maturity within 45 days.

Giant Red Mustard seedlings


Cut the leaves about 1 inch above the base, take the outer leaves first, leaving the central foliage to grow on. Discard any yellow leaves that you find on the plant.

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